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Robinson Crusoe

In Robinson Crusoe, players are trying to overcome different scenarios laid out before them. But the folks at Portal Games know that they're not the only ones capable of coming up with said scenarios. That's why they're opening it up to you, the gamers. They're running a Robinson Crusoe Scenario Contest over on their website where you can win yourself $250 worth of games from their webshop.

Robinson Crusoe, the story of a man isolated away from society, far and distant, away from everyone, trying to get by all on his own. That sounds somewhat pertinent to today's world. Anyway, if you're looking to add to your island excursions, you'll be happy to know about the Treasure Chest expansion that Portal Games has announced.

Being stranded on a tropical island is rough. You have to find food, water, shelter, and stay away from all the various dangers. That's definitely what you'll be doing in Robinson Crusoe: Escape from Despair Island, a new card game from Old Novel Games that's up on Kickstarter now. Players must search the island for food and supplies while avoiding the dangers that abound.

Portal Games has started taking pre-orders for their upcoming Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales expansion. For those that do get in early, not only will you be getting your game as soon as it's available, you'll be getting some cool extras, too.