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Rob Hawkins

Rob Hawkins is showing off the finished version of his Rivet Wars diorama he's been working on.Come out to GenCon and check it out at the CoolMiniOrNot Booth. Just don't touch it or David will have to
Rob Hawkins is nearly done with his Rivet Wars diorama he's working on. He's finished the blimp portion. Check it out.From the update:As the final details come together on the Rivet Wars diorama, I pa
Rob Hawkins gives us a look more at the Rivet Wars diorama he's been working on.From the update:In addition to the troops and blimp, I made some extra bits to adorn the battlefield. These tank traps a
Rob Hawkins just keeps chugging away at the Wrath of Kings diorama he's working on. Here's another update.From the update:This week saw the the major construction on the Wrath of Kings diorama winding
Rob Hawkins continues his work on the diorama he's making for Wrath of Kings. Let's see how it's coming along.From the update:The city will serve as the backdrop for the action, which will take place
Rob Hawkins has started work on making a diorama for Wrath of Kings. This is a game I've actually been privileged enough to be helping with, so I really can't wait to see how this turns out in the end