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Road to Infamy

I might not know art, but I know what I like. What sort of elements do you like in a painting? What inspires you? Well, in Canvas, you can create just that. It's a new puzzle card game that's up on Ki
Some drinking games out there are just meant to get you as drunk as possible as fast as possible (beyond just chugging pure grain alcohol, I suppose). Bowties is a bit more casual about it. A little m
I love a good debate. Let's have a deep discussion about what makes a good tabletop game. Or maybe talk about different recipes and what techniques make the best cookies. Or we can discuss the best wo
I was born in the suburbs of Chicago (Bloomingdale, to be specific). And while my family moved to St. Louis just before I went into 4th grade, there's still part of me that feels that Chicago is "home