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RN Estudio

RN Estudio has launched their Indiegogo campaign in order to fund their new From Wasteland survivors minis line. These post-apocalyptic figures could be used in a wide range of games, from board games
RN Estudio has some new post-apocalyptic survivor minis they're showing off over on their website. They're the From Wasteland Survivors.SourceFrom them to you:The world's best miniatures for zombie an
RN Estudio is having a Black Friday sale, today only, on their website.SourceFrom them to you:Black friday !Standar code -20% bfridaycheck our facebook, and get -30% code !!!!
Txarli Miniatures made it past another stretch goal on their Lizardmen Indiegogo campaign, unlocking the Breaksaurian Star Player.SourceFrom the campaign:We just unlock the Breaksaurian star player :)
Txarli Miniatures has added block dice to their Lizardmen fantasy sports team Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the update:Only available at indiegogo
RN Estudio has released a model of Atalanta the female centauress over in their webshop.She's not exactly wearing a lot, so be warned if you click through.SourceFrom the release:New release from Paloj
RN Estudio has the first of their brand new Masters Series of miniatures up online. Go check out Legeia.SourceFrom the announcement:LIGEIA is the first miniature for our Master Series.This line of pro
Txarli Miniatures has made it up and over their funding goal for their Lizardmen fantasy sports team over on Indiegogo. So it's on towards stretch goals for the next 42 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Th
Txarli Miniatures has launched their Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Lizardmen fantasy football team.Perhaps my Pangaea Punishers might get a few new teammates...SourceFrom the campaign:Help
RN Estudio is in their final hours over on Indiegogo for their Humans vs. Orcs fantasy sports campaign. They've unlocked 3 new minis that you can add to your order, if you want.AresArtemisaLongclaw So
RN Estudio gives us a look at the first couple 3D prints for their Humans vs Orcs Indiegogo campaign.Print 1Print 2 SourceFrom them to you:We start with the 3d prints, can show the first :) I hope you
RN Estudio has added 2 versions of Zeus to their Humans vs. Orcs fantasy sports Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the update:We just reach 8.000 euros, Zeus is available
RN Estudio has added new score markers to their Humans vs. Orcs Indiegogo campaign. They're exclusive to this particular campaign, so if you want them, better get in on the action.SourceFrom the updat
RN Estudio expands their Humans vs. Orcs Indiegogo campaign to add in Goblin Secret Weapons.SourceFrom the update:Available Goblin Secret´s Weapons for Orcs team at indiegogo, thanks for your support
RN Estudio has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a human and orc fantasy football team.And they've funded! So check out the stretch goals.SourceFrom the campaign:Help us to bring you the most ama
RN Estudio is promoting their next Indiegogo fantasy sports campaign, Humans vs. Orcs.SourceFrom them to you:We w8 you the 1 of September.... Humans VS Orks, special prices and free miniature for all
RN Estudio is giving away a free Predator model with certain pledge levels in their After the End Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom them to you:Free Predator with your Master Searcher level,with all strec
RN Estudio launched an Indiegogo campaign for After the End, their new post apocalyptic board game.SourceFrom the campaign:Help us to bring you the best Post apocalyptic survival board game ever ! Tak
RN Estudio has a rather unique prize they're giving away on their Facebook page.You, too, could win a gas mask.SourceFrom the announcement:We will raffle during the pre-campaign and launch the game a
RN Estudio has made it to their funding goal and then some for their Chaos Pact Fantasy Football team on Indiegogo. They've unlocked some new body styles to go with the other team members.SourceFrom t
RN Estudio has an Indiegogo campaign running for their new Chaos Pact Fantasy Football team. They've already made it over their base goal, so it's extra points from here on out.SourceFrom the campaign
RN Estudio is taking down names of those of you out there that would like their new Artemisa mini as soon as it's made available.SourceFrom the announcement:Star player ideal for strengthening your Fa
Star Bowl is up on Indiegogo and looking for funding. They've got "space-opera-themed" fantasy football players.From the campaign:Rykar Jové: I'm the sculptor on this project I have worked on a numbe
RN Estudio bursts onto the minis market with their first ever figure, a Chaos Ogre suitable for your fantasy sports game.From the release:RN Estudio has released their first model, a Chaos Ogre for fa