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River Horse

Another announcement of a temporary closing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This time around, it's River Horse. They've been forced to shut down customer service for the time being. Their webshop is still running, since it's run by another company, but if more restrictions come down, those may close up, too.

The new adventure anthology series, The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R., is now available for the Tails of Equestria RPG from River Horse. Players will be met with a myriad of different problems, all of which they'll have to figure out how to solve in different ways. Drop these into your campaigns whenever you need a quick side-mission.

River Horse's mascot, Buoyant George, was created on Valentine's Day. As such, the company's having a combined Valentine's/Birthday sale over in their webshop. Want to get games like Terminator Genesys, Fortresses & Clans, and more for cheaper than usual? Head over and get your order in now.

It's finally February. January was a tough year, but we made it through. And, of course, after a week like last week that took about 4 months, no matter how you slice it, the weekend is going to be too fast. I did, however, have an excellent session of D&D. The party protected a holy relic from falling into the wrong hands. Then, we planned on putting on a celebration in the town... meant to drive money away from the local bar because the bartender was mean to my bard and wouldn't let him play. That's just how things are.

Also, we have a bit of a facelift on the site today. I hope you like it. Let's also give your tabletops a facelift with some new terrain.

Today in the terrain corner we have: Acheson Accessories for January 2020 - The Sixth Wave, Necrossia Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Deep-Cut Studios Releases Labyrinth Game Mat.

A new anthology book of adventures is available to order from River Horse for Tails of Equestria. It's called The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R., because they're fighting with Cryptozoic over who has the longer game name. Will your ponies be able to solve a myriad of issues, each of which will test them in new and exciting ways? Find out when you get your copy.

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! River Horse is continuing their releases of Pacific Rim: Extinction with Wave 2. Even more giant robots! Even more giant monsters! All can be making their way to your tabletop soon. Go put your name down on the list and get these new figures right when they're released.

Humanity versus the machines. It's a struggle for survival in a dark future. Can the humans pull together enough resources and fighting power to force back the mechanical onslaught? That's up to you to find out in Terminator: Dark Fate The Card Game, a new cooperative deckbuilding game from River Horse.

dun-dun-dun dun dun.
dun-dun-dun dun dun.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Card Game is now available from River Horse. This new trick-taking game includes elements inspired by the lovely images and artwork from the original movie. It includes two different modes of play, depending on the level of complexity you want that game. You can pick up your copies now.

We're a week from the actual Black Friday, but that's not stopped several game companies from already getting the ball rolling online. One such company is River Horse. You can head over to their webstore now and get yourself some great deals, up to 50% off certain items.

I always thought that these were the melodies of the waves. But River Horse has yet another they're coming out with. This Melody of the Waves is a new adventure for the Tails of Equestria RPG. So, your ponies better get their sea legs and maybe pick up some little water wings. It's high-seas adventure ahoy. You can pre-order your copy now.

Humanity is in danger. Robot soldiers stand ready to take us down. But there's still some hope left. Will you be able to defeat the merciless Rev-9? That's up to you to find out in Terminator: Dark Fate, a new cooperative deckbuilding game that's coming soon from River Horse. You can pre-order your copies now.

No fate...

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

You kow what that means. It's a Giant Robot Alert. And, considering we're talking about Pacific Rim: Extinction, it's not just a single giant robot or two, it's a whole mass of them, along with huge monsters for them to fight. If you've been waiting (patiently or otherwise) for the kaiju-fighting action to begin, your wait is now over. You can pick up your copies from your LGS or online now.

Digital versions of books are great. You can carry a whole library on any smart device. You can basically look up whatever you need, wherever you might be. So, while I like physical copies, I do have many digital versions as well. In this instance, you can pick up the digital version of the Filly Sized Follies adventure trio for Tails of Equestria.

Labyrinth. The songs. The puppets. The "area." It's everything we love, and soon, you can bring that to your tabletops with Jim Henson's Labyrinth the Card Game from River Horse. It's a new trick-taking game utilizing tarot-sized cards covered in wonderful artwork from the movie. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Deep in the ocean, a crack in the sea crust allows massive monsters called Kaiju to enter our world. The only thing protecting humanity are the Jaegers and the brave souls who pilot them. Which side will you take up in Pacific Rim: Extinction, the new board game now available to pre-order from River Horse?

Ogres & Oubliettes is the version of Dungeons & Dragons that they play in Equestria. Spike, Big Mac, and Discord have their own group and they play together all the time. Soon, you'll be able to join in their fun. The upcoming Ogres & Oubliettes set has a bunch of standees for your games of Tails of Equestria, but it's also got a new adventure for your ponies to go on.

There were many strange a magical creatures in the Jareth's Labyrinth. Many of them can be found in the Labyrinth board game from River Horse. And now, even more can be found, along with the man, himself, Jareth. He's part of the Fireys! expansion, available to order now. Don't lose your head over it.

River Horse has not just one, or two new adventures for you. Nope. Filly Sized Follies for Tails of Equestria has three, all in one book. It's ready for you and your pony friends of levels 2-5 to head out and make the world safe. You can get your copy now.

The Goblins.
David Bowie's "Area."
There's many memorable things about Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Soon, you'll be able to delve into that (dance) magic (dance) land in Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Adventure Game, coming from River Horse. You can pre-order your copies now.

While I'm a "book in my hands" kinda gamer, I certainly also like having digital versions around so I can check things in the rulebook whenever I need. So, while I've got the physical versions of both the Official Movie Sourcebook and Haunting of Equestria for the Tails of Equestria RPG, I'll probably pick up the digital versions, too, which are available now.

River Horse has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Krowd Funder, their new card game all about the exciting world of crowdfunding projects. This tongue-in-cheek look at the various steps of, and potential pitfalls of, crowdfunded campaigns contains some really cute artwork, if you ask me.

Fall of Skynet, the new expansion for Terminator: Genisys: Rise of the Resistance is now available. Will humanity win back against the machines? Will the machines wipe out humanity's last chance for survival? Only you can decide.

Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger sold separately.

The world of Jim Henson's Labyrinth (written by Terry Jones, if you didn't know), is full of mystical wonders.  And soon, you'll be able to play around in it as you please. River Horse has announced that they're making Jim Henson's Labyrinth - The Adventure Game, a new RPG that players can use to create their own stories in that magical land.

When it comes to books, some people like having the actual thing in their hand. But there's downsides to that, of which I was reminded the other day when trying to clean out my apartment a bit. So, digital versions are certainly nice. And for those Tails of Equestria players out there, River Horse now has their Judge Not by the Cover adventure now available digitally.

River Horse has started taking pre-orders for their next adventure book for the Tails of Equestria RPG. In this case, it's not one or two adventures, but three mini-ones all in one book called Filly Sized Follys. Go get your name on the list so you can be the first pony on your block with this book when it's released.