Fantasy Flight Games Previews Rivals Draft Set For Star Wars Destiny

Some of you might've heard that there's a new Star Wars movie coming out soon. There's also a new set for the Star Wars: Destiny game coming out soon. But the main release for that is still a bit off. What will be coming sooner, though, is the Rivals Draft Pack. If you're in one of the few areas that'll be getting pre-release versions of this, you can get your game going sooner. For those of us that aren't in those areas, we can still check out this preview.

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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Destiny Draft Packs

I haven't played a collectable game in quite some time. Mostly I've just not had the time to keep up with them. But back when I did, my favorite format to play in was draft. It's seat-of-your-pants gaming. You go in not knowing what your deck was going to consist of and leave it to the draft to build your deck for you. Well, that style of format is coming to Star Wars: Destiny with the Rivals Draft Packs, just announced by Fantasy Flight Games.

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