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Rise of the Occulites

Darwin Games has posted up a game play video for their Rise of the Occulites game. Check it out.

From the announcement:

G’day guys,

This video is a full gameplay playthrough of the first scenario of Dawn – Rise of the Occulites. It uses all prototype components.

We played using just the Core rules and this is the most basic way to play the game. We wanted to show this off first so that players who only want to dip their toes into the system to start with can see what they are in for.

There are five layers of advanced rules that can be transitioned in which gives the players more options, more decision points and deepens the gameplay further. Future videos will go into this more. We would love to know what you think! If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy!

Darwin Games have posted the greens for the Nimbus Tribe for their Rise of the Occulites fantasy game. Nimbus Tribe From their announcement:
The Nimbus tribes are perched high in the mountains, raining down from above to conduct raids and gather food. These vegetarians are covered in a thick layer of feathers to combat the crisp chill of the air. Their feet are claws, fashioned in a way to help them hold onto rocky outcrops and tree branches. A leathery membrane stretches from their bodies to the hands, allowing them to fly for short distances. Their sharp teeth and fangs are not for eating meat, but for quickly slicing off parts of plants. For you see, in the Occulite world, some of the plants fight back. The fangs pierce and lock down the vegetation in place, while the sharp teeth slice down, cleanly and efficiently taking off chunks of plant matter before making their escape.
Darwin Games is now officially open and selling figures for the Rise of the Occulites game. From their announcement:
The Darwin Games website is open for business. The creators of the Rise of the Occulites setting, Darwin Games have finally opened their digital doors for business. Darwin Games will be releasing its first miniatures game ‘Dawn – Rise of the Occulites’ later in the year, which will be supported by no less than 30 unique figures by the end of the year. So far, 10 of these have been released, with another 10 due to enter the store over the next few weeks. There will be more sculpts later on closer to the release of Dawn, which is currently in external playtesting.
Darwin Games have posted painted examples of their Occulites and Luftles figures from the Rise of the Occulites game. Palaudis tribe From their announcement:
I have the first sets of painted figures posted up. These have been painted by Kosta and help to show off the great sculpting that Bob Olley has done with these guys. This weekend I will be working on the Darwin Games Website and some terrain so that I can film a couple of turns of a small encounter using the Dawn: Rise of the Occulites rules. Bob Olley is currently sculpting up the Hydris tribe and I will post more photos of them when I receive them. Once I receive those greens, I will get both the Floris and Hydris moulded and cast by Nic @ Eureka. So things are getting exciting. If you are enjoying this line and the setting, please consider spreading the word as it will help Darwin Games continue the journey. Cheers, Ben
Ben Boersma has posted a video preview of the Palaudis Tribe figures for his Rise of the Occulites rules. From their announcement:
G’day guys, I’ve uploaded a short video to show how the Palaudis Tribe Occulites casted up.
Ben Boersma has received the sculpts for the Floris tribe for his Rise of the Occulites game and miniatures range. Floris tribe group shot From their announcement:
The next tribe sculpted by Bob Olley - the Floris Tribe, has been completed for Dawn: Rise of the Occulites. Floris Tribes are usually found in and amongst the forests, jungles and bushlands of the Occulite home world. Adept in the art of camouflage, they have evolved a leafy foliage that covers their body. If you would like to find out more about the Rise of the Occulites setting or look at some more photos (and other tribes), then please feel free to check out
Palaudis Occulite TribeBen Boersma has received the sculpts for the Palaudis Occulite Tribe that are part of his Rise of the Occulites game.

From their announcement:
The first of the five Occulite Tribes, sculpted by Bob Olley has been completed. This is the first playable tribe for the upcoming game Dawn – Rise of the Occulites.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the miniatures for the Palaudis tribe or finding out more about the setting and the games planned, please visit
Palaudis tribe occulite greenBen Boersma has posted a preview of the Palaudis Occulite figure for his Dawn - Rise of the Occulites skirmish rules. From their announcement:
This is the first in what I hope to be a complete line to support the in development skirmish ruleset "Dawn - Rise of the Occulites"