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Rise of the Kage

Another Saturday, another Review Roundup.It's a calm and subdued Saturday here at the den. Just chillin' for a cool, December day.So, let's just head over to today's articles.We've got: Rise of the Ka
And so this week comes to an end... Well... not yet. Technically the week comes to an end tomorrow. But the work week comes to an end today... unless you're like me and you work weekends as well...Ok,
GCT Studios has a couple previews to show off for their two major projects they're working on. There's a new art piece preview for Wave 25 of Bushido and we've got some painted minis they're giving us
Wow! Gen Con got off to quite a start this morning! Seemed no sooner than I was awake than I was down at the hall looking over some things when Boom! The doors were opened! It was quite a mad rush in
Gordon over at GCT got a special surprise for his birthday. He was shipped the first production-run copy of their Rise of the Kage board game that they funded over on Kickstarter. He took a moment fro
GCT Studios has posted up a preview shot of what the plastic models for their Rise of the Kage board game will look like. The team has really been working closely with the manufacturer in order to mak
Hey everyone. Here's another batch of news snippets for you.Remember, snippets aren't "leftovers" or "scraps" or anything like that. They're news like everything else. They're just... smaller. There's
GCT Studios shows off another Wave 21 preview for Bushido as well as gives some info about pre-orders for Rise of the Kage.SourceFrom the website:Not all those children raised in the monasteries and t
GCT Studios posted up some new preview minis and artwork for their upcoming Rise of the Kage board game.Source7th NinjaKenta
GCT Studios has their Pledge Manager opened up for Rise of the Kage, their ninja board game. Missed out on the Kickstarter? You can join in now.SourceFrom them to you:Following Rise of the Kage's succ
GCT Studios has announced the launch of their Rise of the Kage pledge manager in one week. If you didn't get a chance to be part of their Kickstarter campaign, now you can jump in.SourceFrom the annou
GCT Studios is in their final days over on Kickstarter for their Rise of the Kage board game. They've come quite a ways from the initial goal, bringing the game to now include 123 models (at time of p
GCT Studios has just under a week left for their Rise of the Kage Kickstarter campaign. They've made their goal and gone through several stretch goals as well. How many more can they get through? Well
GCT Studio made it through another stretch goal in their Rise of the Kage game, adding a new game board to the mix. They've also added in ninja special cards as an add-on and posted up a new stretch g
GCT Studios is making their way through stretch goals for Rise of the Kage. The couple of add-ons they've put in certainly didn't hurt.Bushido profilesCustom DiceRed Alert Level SourceFrom the campaig
Rise of the Kage, from GCT Studios, is a new board game where ninjas must stealthily infiltrate a samurai’s mansion in order to carry out their mission. The game is currently funded over on Kickstarte
GCT Studios has made it up and over their funding goal for Rise of the Kage. They've also double-checked their numbers and have updated their stretch goals.GuardsHostageNew BoardNew Ninja SourceFrom t
GCT Studios has launched their Kickstarter for their new ninja infiltration board game, Rise of the Kage.SourceFrom the campaign:In a game of Rise of the Kage, 2-4 players can choose to play as the ni
GCT Studios has a picture up of the exclusive mini for their Rise of the Kage Kickstarter that starts in just a couple days.SourceFrom the preview:Rin, House of the Bleeding MoonRin is swift as she is
GCT Studios launched their website for their upcoming Rise of the Kage board game.SourceFrom the launch:In the run up to our KS launch we are delighted to get our website up and running, check it out
GCT Studios had another good show at GenCon. They've posted up a bit about their experiences there, as well as a new piece of Bushido artwork.Expect a demo report of Rise of the Kage, their new board
GCT Studios has posted up miniatures previews of some of the figures coming in the Rise of the Kage board game.KatsumiNovice GuardShizukaVeteran GuardYuto SourceFrom them to you: Available on Kickstar