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Rise of the Empire

The Empire has a new weapon to use against any system that dares oppose its rule. The Death Star is a massive space station that houses a weapon strong enough to destroy a planet. If the Rebellion hopes to continue on, they're going to have to get the plans for that thing and find a weakness. That's the story behind Rogue One, and now you can bring that to your games of Star Wars: Rebellion, as the Rise of the Empire expansion is now available.
Time and again I have lauded the efforts of gaming companies to let the public know about their products through the free posting of rules online. In this case, Fantasy Flight Games is getting the praise, as they have posted the rulebook for Rise of the Empire, the first big expansion box for Star Wars: Rebellion. How do all the new pieces fit into the puzzle? What new strategies can be employed? Check out the book to find out.
The Rise of the Empire expansion for Star Wars: Rebellion draws heavily from the Rogue One movie. Since that movie introduced us to some new units, of course those are making their way to the tabletop. There's four new units for each faction you can check out. Along with that, they use new, green dice. In this preview, we get a look at said units, as well as how they utilize the new dice.
The best soldiers that either the Imperials or the Rebels can train still need good leaders to fully realize their potential. And the entire military strategy can't be just left to chance. Someone needs to be in charge of it. The Rise of the Empire expansion for Star Wars: Rebellion will bring 8 new leader characters to the game (4 for each side). In this preview, we get a look at what they'll bring to the party.
Wars are not one or lost on just a single battle. Sure, there might be one, climactic event that ends things, but there's a long chain of other battles, logistics, secret missions, intelligence, and other such along the way that got to that battle. In Star Wars: Rebellion, you have to complete missions in order to advance your military's agenda and gain the upper hand. Well, a new expansion is coming out soon called Rise of the Empire. In this preview, Fantasy Flight Games is showing off some of the new missions you'll be going on.
Star Wars: Rebellion is getting a new expansion. This set takes much of its material from Star Wars: Rogue One. I should probably see that movie at some point. Anyway, the Empire has a new weapon they're building. Something called the Death Star. The completion of it could mean the end of the Rebellion. They must go steal the plans and see if there's any sort of weaknesses (hopefully no smaller than a womp rat).