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Ripples of Fate

Wyrd Games has made the latest expansion for Malifaux, Ripples of Fate, available as a pdf. For those that don't like having to carry around physical copies of a book, or if you'd just like a back-up
Sometimes from Wyrd we get a bit of artwork. Other times, it's a 3D render. It's usually a mini or two. Today they're going all-in with a look at all seven of the new Master's Crew Boxes that are comi
So we've had our Terrain Corner. Now it's time for our regular Monday Preview from Wyrd. They're finishing up their previews of the new Masters coming in Ripples of Fate, the new Malifaux book. Last,
Getting to this one early in the day today. Wyrd has posted up their next Ripples of Fate (the upcoming book for Malifaux) preview. This time around it's Sandeep Desai.Sandeep is a new Arcanist Master
Sure, it's Monday, but that's no real reason to be sad. We've got our regular preview from Wyrd today. This time around it's artwork for an upcoming Arcanist mini. It's Carlos Vasquez.Carlos will be i