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Riot Quest

Man, October can't get here fast enough. I know we're just past the 4th of July, but I'm ready for spoopy horror and cooler temperatures already. Privateer Press is getting ready for October as well w
Want to know what a card in Riot Quest does? Need to remember what options are available? Want a look at some stuff coming out soon? Privateer Press has a new one-stop shop for all that with the launc
Yes, strange headline, I know. But Privateer Press is insistent that this isn't a Keynote presentation. So, what it is? Well, it still gives a ton of previews of what they're working on for basically
The Kickstarter campaign for the most recent expansions for Riot Quest are going to end soon. But before that clock hits 0, Privateer Press wanted to give you some more insight into the new mode that'
The latest set of expansions for Riot Quest have been put up on Kickstarter. It's Chilly Con Carnage and it's got all new heroes, bosses, and more. There's special Early Bird pricing for the first 48
Chilly Con Carnage is the new expansion for Riot Quest coming soon to Kickstarter from Privateer Press. It'll be bringing along a whole bunch of figures, including a new boss fight in the form of Karc
The alternate-reality world of Warmachine that is Riot Quest is getting itself a new set of expansions. It's the Chilly Con Carnage sets and Privateer Press is showing off what's coming in this new Ki
It's never fun, but it's bound to happen from time to time. Things change, prices change, a the company has to let us know. Well, they don't have to, but it's nice when they do. Privateer Press is cha
Warmachine. Hordes. Riot Quest. Monsterpocalypse. Iron Kingdoms RPG. All are things that Privateer Press has been working on. And all are things that will be getting releases this year. What are some
The pandemic of this year has changed a lot of release schedules for every company out there. And it's not going to just disappear at the start of 2021. So, what kind of roadmap do releases like Riot
We're only just into November, but I know a lot of people are ready for next year. Well, you can get excited for some new Warmachine, Hordes, and Riot Quest releases that are coming out in February. L
2020 has certainly been quite a year. I know a lot of people are looking forward to it ending. Well, here's something to actually look forward to in 2021 beyond just "it's not 2020 anymore." Privateer
There's a new way to play Riot Quest out there. Well, at least, there's a new way to build your crew in Riot Quest. Privateer Press has posted up Draft rules so you can get your minis right from the t
It's hot outside. And no, sir, I don't like it. Gimme a cold, crisp winter's morning any day. While my AC chugs away, at least I can think of colder days as I pre-order Wintertime Wasteland, the new e
Today's the first day of Gen Con. And while I'm sitting in my living room, I can still attend. And you can, too. As long as you have an internet connection and a device to get you there, you can parti
Sure, here in the northern hemisphere it's summer. But our friends down south are in the middle of winter. Considering how warm it is outside and my preference for more chilly temperatures, I'm a bit
Seems like a good post to have on a Monday, since half this post is about terrain. Though, in Monsterpocalypse, the terrain is just as much a part of your army build as your army is, so there's that.
Privateer Press is continuing our wintery theme with the announcement of the theme for the next season of Riot Quest. It's called Wintertime Wasteland and will include new minis, new themes, and new o
Who controls Barter Town? If you asked them, Malvin and Mayhem would say that they do. They're the new dynamic duo coming to Riot Quest and Warmachine. A deranged goblin genius, Malvin has created his
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>You know that sound. It's the Giant Robot Alert and that's because we've got some new releases from Privateer Press, arguably the place we get most of our Giant Robot Alert
While Privateer Press might not be able to do live videos of their dev chats anymore, it does make it a little easier to share the information when it's put in article form, at least for me. In this a
With all the things going on in the world, it's no surprise when a company has to shuffle around their release schedule a bit. That'll even happen when everything is fairly normal in the world, let al
Want to know about the Mechanoshredder and Feora the Forsaken, a pair of Riot Quest minis that will be coming out soon? What to know what they do, what cards they come with, and a bit about their deve
There's a new batch of releases available for you from Privateer Press. There's a pair of Convergence units for Warmachine, a new beastie for Monsterpocalypse, and a new figure for Riot Quest. Many ga
Privateer Press is still up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic. They've got a couple people at their warehouse still packing orders and they're looking to get them some more work. As such, they'