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Return to Hoth

So it's something like 70 degrees outside. So, not really Hoth-like (or really all that Christmas-like), but we can still imagine it's cold. Granted, it doesn't actually have to be cold in order to pl
Well, Fantasy Flight has given us a preview of the villains we will be getting in the upcoming Return to Hoth set for Imperial Assault. (and in retrospect, I'm sad that I didn't say, "Imperial troops
The Star Wars-related news from Fantasy Flight Games continues along. With each larger box release for Imperial Assault, they have several smaller releases that tie in with it. This piece falls into t
"'Hoth.' They should call this place 'Coldth.'"As winter works its way closer (one might even say, "it's coming"), Fantasy Flight gives us a look inside the upcoming Return to Hoth expansion set for I
Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the Star Wars movies. Particularly, the sections on Hoth are my favorite. I absolutely love the Imperial invasion scenes. Pretty awesome stuff. Well, now that Fan