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Restoration Games

If you've enjoyed Return to Dark Tower from Restoration Games but found yourself thinking, "This was fun, but I really wish that I could get down inside the game and really see it from a new perspecti
And the thunder rooooooooad and the lightning striiiiiike. Ok, I know that's not the lyrics, but it's all I could think of. Classic board game Thunder Road is up on Kickstarter with Thunder Road: Vand
Ah, Dark Tower. That was the name of the first comic book shop I ever went to. You could say that it's where I became a nerd. Unfortunately, this game isn't about running a comic shop in suburban St.
Some new expansion packs are coming soon for Unmatched from Mondo and Restoration Games. Welcome to Jurassic Park! *movie theme score plays, but we could only afford the version on kazoo* That's rig
Mondo Games and Restoration Games will soon be bringing you Unmatched, a new card-driven miniatures skirmish game where players take on the role of history's and mythology's greatest fighters in a one
Woo! Saturday! Woo!I've... got nothing, really. I'm about to head over to a friend's place to game. So let's just dive into the reviews, shall we? We shall.This week, we have: Wordstacker, Wordsy, Dra
Mmm, Saturday. Drink it in! ... *sip* ... tastes like Sobe Citrus Energy... Oh, hey, look! An open Sobe Citrus Energy! Ain't that a kick in the head? *sip*But my drinking habits aside, I know you're h