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Tor Gaming is having themselves a little painting challenge and they want you to join in on the fun.

Just for fun, we are having a painting challenge where you can paint along side the man at the top of Tor Gaming (and if you know him, you know he hates painting - so should be a laugh).

Starting December 1st 2012, you will have the dubious honour of being able to take part in the ‘Paint along with TG’s Gav!’ fun!

It will comprise of 4 stages, each one taking a month. The first stage starts with just a starter set to paint (your choice of faction) and the whole challenge will end with you owning a fully painted 400 point force!

Want to know more and sign up? Check out the link in this article.

Tor Gaming is also getting into the "tourney pack" mode with their Island of Ryne pack that's now available.

From the update:

So, by now you will have downloaded the full Relics rules in pdf format for free.
Anyway, now you have them but maybe you are thinking 'If only there was a way for me to play this in a more competitive manner in a system that actually takes my results into account for the next phase.

Well, you may be interested to know we have just released the first part of the Island of Ryne campaign system.

The campaign is made up of three tournaments, each one played wherever you want. After you have completed the each tournament, you can send the results back to us and we will use the outcome of that tournament all over the world to influence the next tournament!

Oh, and the good thing is it's a slow grow tournament, so your armies can grow with the Relics new releases as you work your way from one tournament to the next!

So, if you are interested in taking running the tournament, or want your local tournament centre to run it so you can take part you can download the pack

Tor Gaming posted the Relics rules pdf on their website. It's free to download, so why not get yourself a copy?

From the announcement:

The Relics pdf rules for that tabletop wargame from Tor Gaming with those damn nasty stichpunk dolls and sadomasochistic dwarfs, is now FREE! Download it and try out Relics for free.

You will also find the errata on the same page, so you can make use you are playing the most up to date version.

Tor Gaming put up the most recent errata for Relics. Make sure you're playing the game correctly!

It's been a little while coming but the official Relics Errata is here.

You can download it now from the Tor Gaming forum.

This document takes the Relics rules to version 1.1.0 and we very much recommend you use it in all your Relics games. This document MUST be used for any event that wants to be considered 'official'.

Tor Gaming is launching The Island of Ryne, a worldwide slow-grow campaign for Relics. Now would be a perfect time to get involved in the game.

From the announcement:

Extracted from the private diaries of Dammeus, the Chronicler.

Day for Lokki – 3rd moon waning – 112AD

Something extraordinary occurred upon the damned world of Relicia today. A great eruption in the depths of the western seas sent a huge tsunami crashing upon the coasts of Eard and Unglandan causing massive devastation to both the human and Orcnar settlements. In the wake of the tsunami, a huge island has emerged from the deep brimming with magical energy. I am not yet sure what may have caused this event though I have a few sneaking suspicions, it won’t be long before the peoples of Relicia discover this new unexploited land, I dread to think what the actual death toll might be once this is all over.
We will be running a worldwide slow-grow campaign system broken down into three tournaments. Your performance on the tabletop will influence the next tournament!

Check out the details and get your club registered to run the event and have your results accepted.

Do you run a store? Register to run the event as a store event and increase your sales! Each tournament will see the army size increase and they will be spaced apart to enable the players to get the latest releases into their army lists!

Tor Gaming is holding their "Goodbye Summer" sale over on their website.

Summer is on its way out and autumn is almost upon us.

This can be a bit of a depressing time for some people (not me, I love autumn!!) so we thought we would try and help cheer you all up.

Why not join us in saying goodbye summer with our ‘Goodbye Summer Sale!’ and save a whopping 20% from the entire Relics range for the whole of September!

So, whether you are wanting to get into Relics, or are already into it and want to add to your current faction or even get a second (or third!) faction, this is a great time to do so!

Get over to our store and get ordering!

Tor Gaming now has Worthy Painting doing their studio figures. Thing is, they still have their original studio models. So they're clearing out their originals to make way for new.

From the announcement:

We are clearing out the original Relics studio jobs as we need the space in the cabinet now that Worthy Painting are repainting the whole range!

And whilst we're at it, we thought it a good chance to support a worthy cause, so 15% of the final bids will go to the British Heart foundation.

This is a cracking chance to own a piece of our history. Each auction lot will come with a little certificate of authenticity.

Tor Gaming put up a WIP for their Britanian Highlanders. That's quite a sword for such a short fella.

From the preview:

The Britanan Highlanders - I wonder what is under their kilts.....

Sculpted by Kevin Kosse.

Tor Gaming put up some more concept art for their stretch goals from the Relics funding campaign.

Tor Gaming has some painted photos of their new Nuem Specialis Pueri up.

From the update:

"Little is known of the final ceremony and it is whispered that each one is unique, though this seems unlikely. Tales of the trial of a thousand deaths are common place though so there must be some truth to the matter. In any case it is certain that whatever the trial might be it is akin to the worst pain possibly imaginable and then much further beyond. The Specialis Pueri are deviant creatures who revel in excessive suffering and anguish, they will manipulate whatever means necessary to enlighten the impure in the succulent ways of their people."


More pics on our forum

Tor Gaming helps you get into Relics quickly with some new starter set bundles. Plus, they've got that one thing every gamer has a weakness for: Dice. You can never have too many dice.

From the update:

July is going to be a super week for all Relics fans, old and new, as we release the new starter sets! Discuss
Tor Gaming just wrapped up their IndieGoGo campaign, blowing away their original goal and they want to say something:


Our indieGoGo project for Relics has finally come to a cracking end and it has performed way above out expectations and we wanted to say thank you to all those who supported it, either through pledges or by spreading the word.

When we started it, the plan was for it to be just a special pre-order for the Nuem where the pre-orders could potentially get a free commander and maybe another pack of models if we did well enough.

In the end, it was for the whole of the range and for each starter people ordered they ended up with

• The starter set
• A copy of the PDF rules
• A Commander model
• 3 packs of additional models (each pack is a minimum sized unit!!)
• 10 custom dice with the faction logo on the 6
• A drawstring dice bag with the faction logo on the bag and a pack of four full colour.

That is an amazing haul by anyone’s standard!!!!

How did we manage to give away so much with such small targets? Simple, we set realistic targets that would allow us to provide the rewards and nothing else as we wanted to make sure you got as much as possible! Quiet possibly, the Relics project is one of the best value for money projects ever ran!

So, a massive “THANK YOU!!!” goes out to everyone who pledged to the project and to everyone who helped to spread the word! We hope you enjoy your wonderful goodies once you have them and welcome to Relicia!!!

Thanks so much!!!
Tor Gaming.

Tor Gaming has only a couple days left on their IndieGoGo campaign. Let's see if they can make it to their last stretch goal with your help.

From the project:

We have just a couple of days left on our IndieGoGo project and your chance to get the Nuem before they are released!

We are just $578 away from the next target and more free miniatures being added to the pile!! (well, we are at the time of submitting this news article!)

You will never find as much Relics gear for such a low price again so don't miss out. This is perfect for people wanting to get into Relics and for people wanting to expand into a different faction.

Tor Gaming is well beyond their original goal over on IdieGoGo and they just broke through another stretch. So they've got a new video describing their latest update.

We've broken the dice target! So you all get a lovely update video from me!!

You lucky buggers!!

We are doing far better than we expected so a really big THANK YOU to all the people that have supported the project! It means a lot to know there are people out there that likes what comes out of our twisted minds!!

Tor Gaming put up some more art in readiness of more stretch goals for IndieGoGo. Here's how they look:

These are the concepts for the figures we will give away if we hit their target.
We have hit our current target on our IndieGoGo project for Relics so have set some more realistic targets for custom dice and more models!

If the project target hits $5000, all TARGET BUSTERS will get:

10 x custom d6 dice with the faction logo of your choice on the 6 plus a drawstring dice bag with the faction logo and 'Relics' screen printed on -- Remember, you get one choice for each starter set you have in your perk/s and they don't have to be the same factions as your starters

If the project then hits $7600, all target busters will get:

A single choice for each starter set you have in your Perks from a pack of Britanan Highlanders, Orcnar Angilde, Vaettir Cwalu or Nuem Auxilium Sagittarius -- Remember, you get one choice for each starter set you have in your perk/s and they don't have to be the same factions as your starters!

Tor Gaming showed us the models for this piece the other day. Here's the artwork that inspired them.

From the update:

After the weekend break and hot on the heels of the painted previews of the Paenitentiam sculpts yesterday, it seems rather appropriate to be previewing the third art piece in the set of four we are giving away on our IndieGoGo project.

It’s appropriate because the subject of this piece is the Paenitentiam!!


Tor Gaming continues their IndieGoGo campaign. To entice you guys some more, they've got some painted models up there to show off.

From the update:

We have just posted the painted examples of the Neum Paenitentiam on the interwebs!

These have been painted by Daniel Twist of Worthy Painting -

You can order these bad boys right now on our IndieGoGo project (link in the news link above)

Worthy Painting is now the studio painters for Tor Gamings, Relics. In this video, Nick travels to meet the guys at Tor Gaming the creators of the game relics and showcases the new paint jobs on the Britanan for Relics.

Tor Gaming releases the Relics Rulebook on Wargames Vault.

From their announcement:

We have been thinking about how to handle the Relics rulebook and force lists. With the addition of the Nuem list we have had to look at what we have and if we really want to continue down the route of a single book with full lists in.

We don’t plan on stopping at four factions by the way (I’m actually writing profiles for faction 5 right now, and making notes for faction 6 to be written up as profiles once faction 5 is done) so having them all in a single book seems wrong to me.

We have asked for feedback on some options on our forum and social media. Thanks for all the thoughts posted about this by all your guys out there, I truly do appreciate your input.
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Tor Gaming Ltd announces new army packs available for pre-order:

From their announcement:

Ok folks, Christmas is just around the corner (I’d like an IPad if anyone is feeling generous) and no doubt you are all looking for what you get your other half to buy for you.

Well, you lucky things, we know how Relics is going to be your next addiction and we want to make the jump to Relics as easy as possible. So, is it coincidence that our new Relics Army Packs go on pre-order and will be shipping first week in December???? Ummm, yes.

You can find them in the pre-order section of the store.
Tor Gaming have updated their stuffed toy themed miniatures game.
We've managed to get version 0.2 of Relics Clash together and available for download.

We have added a new stat 'Dexterity' which is currently used for determining order of attacks in melee but will also be used for such exciting stuff as swimming, jumping, diving for cover (maybe) and running, how exciting!!

There has also been some amendments in some areas. All changes are shown, so no need to compare versions to see what has changed. ;-)

Get them downloaded, get them read, tested and tell us your thoughts. The sooner you send us your findings, the sooner you get a 0.3 version (with additional profiles!!)

Click here for the rules. Discuss
Tor Gaming releases Relics Clash.

From their website:

The very first cut of Relics clash is now available!!
When we first announced this game, we mentioned it being based on Unbridled Fury. The Unbridled Fury author, Damian Brymora, made some good points about some of the changes we proposed which would in essence rip the heart out of Unbridled Fury. We had to agree with his points and it was decided we would build our own activation system for Clash. Unbridled Fury would be left alone and to be frank, there is little you can change that will improve upon Damian work.
Tor Gaming has released new models for Relics.

From their website:

We have posted details on our blog of our latest releases for Relics, the Huntawalu.

Each model 40mm tall, priced at £7.50 and comes with a 50mm base.

Pre-order now ready for the 3rd October release date.
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Tor Gaming have released new profiles for their Relics fantasy game. From their announcement:
We made a bit of a boo boo when doing the Nuem lists for Relics which meant we had to do an extra profile for the other Relics forces to balance the numbers. These are now available.
Tor Gaming have posted a beta army list for the Nuem faction from their Relics fantasy rules. From their announcement:
We've just posted the Nuem beta list for Relics. Encased in their clockwork fighting machines and supported by their automaton clockwork machines, the Nuem make the Earth tremble as they march to war!! As usual, we would love to hear your feedback.