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Tor Gaming is in their final hours over on GamingFunder. They've made well over their goal, so your pledge just goes that much further with stretch goals.



From the campaign:

There are just 12 hours to go until the project completes! We are now at 309% funded and 57% towards funding the Orcnar Dmoder.

Many thanks to all those that have already backed the project, you guys and girls are just all sorts of awesome! If you plan on backing the project, you have until 8pm UTC to do so!

Tor Gaming has just a few days left on their GamingFunder campaign. They've funded and then some, so check out the stretch goals.

Tor Gaming


From the campaign:

This is a great opportunity to get on board and snag yourself a great price on a army whilst helping us get more stuff sculpted faster!

Tor Gaming knows a balanced game is a happy game and so they've posted up errata for Relics to make sure the game is balanced.



From the announcement:

On this page you will find the Relics errata documents for the 1.2 edition rulebook (hardback A5 format and pdf format)

We have split the errata into five docs, one for the main rules one for each of the nations. None are too long, and some are quiet short! But we hope this will sort out some issues that people have mentioned to us and what not!

We’re always open to further feedback so if you have any feedback to give, pop it down below!

Tor Gaming is offering free dice with qualifying purchases from their webshop.


From the post:

A FREE pack of Relics dice (you choose the faction, 8 dice per pack) when you order over £40 of Relics stuff!

Offer ends at the end of 31st March 2014.

And don't forget, orders over £40 get FREE UK shipping too! Damn, we're good!


From the release:

The war drums are beating!

It's time to swell your ranks as the latest packs for Relics go on sale now!

Whether you are Britanan, Orcanr, Nuem, or Vaettir we have something for your all - and the Britanans get two! (lucky buggers)

Everyone is getting a new commander, making your force building much more interesting. And as a Brucey bonus, the Britanans are also getting that very crazy unit the Britanan Bomber!

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off a preview of the new anti-heroes coming out in Enemies of the Imperium, the first expansion to Relics.


From the preview:

Playing the Enemies of the Imperium mode adds a sort of doomsday clock to the Relic experience, and the game feels more like a race than ever. With a Nemesis in play, the defenders of humanity can no longer afford to be complacent. Once a Nemesis reaches 25 infamy, the game is over, the Nemesis player wins, and a grievous blow is dealt to the Imperium of Man.

Tor Gaming is running a sale on their Orcnar Starter Sets over in their webshop.
Go grab some for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.


From the announcement:

Was just doing a stock take and we have too many Orcnar starters in stock.

As such, we want to shift them so you guys get a good deal for the next week!

Buy a Orcnar Starter set and get 30% off the blighter!

Just enter the following code in the coupon field: orcnar

Tor Gaming is a miniatures company on the grow. Relics, their miniatures skirmish game is looking to make its own place in the world. The genre, labeled “Stitchpunk,” is its own special category, not entirely fitting in with traditional Fantasy or Steampunk styles.

The illustrious Gavin, from Tor Gaming, was gracious enough to send me some starter sets, blisters and the rulebook for Relics and wanted me to share my thoughts on them with you.

So get your dice ready as we dive into another TGN Review. This one's Relics.
Tor Gaming has a special deal going on over in their webshop where certain orders will qualify for a free Relics rulebook.


From the announcement:

Who wants a free Relics rulebook?

We have a bit of a special offer on for Vaettir and Orcnar fans! (we may do a Nuem and Britanan one next month)

Spend over £50 (excl shipping) on Orcnar or Vaettir products between now and the end of the month and we will GIVE you a Relics rulebook for FREE!

Simply make sure your order contains enough Orcnar and Vaettir models to hit or exceed £50 and include the words ‘Give me my Gods damned rulebook!!’ in the order comment field and we will do the rest!

Tor Gaming may be closed for the holidays, but they're still taking orders and giving a nice discount in the meantime.


From the sales sheet:

The Tor Gaming office is now closed until the new year. Orders placed during this period will be processed once we are back.
Order during this period and save 20% by using the code 'xmas20' during checkout!

Tor Gaming shows that they're out to make a better gaming experience by learning from their mistakes and has posted up some changes they plan for some of their kits in the new year.


From the update:

In the new year we are looking to make a few changes to some packs in the Relics range.

These changes are designed to make the models easier and faster to cast which will help to alleviate stock replenishment issues. There will also be added benefits.....

We'll post more about it closer to the time but below are the items I can remember right now and how we are changing them:
Tor Gaming is showing off some new previews for Relics. Go have a look-see.


From them to you:

Available for pre-order soon.

Tor Gaming has some deals going on over in their webshop where you can get a free rulebook with certain purchases.

From the announcement:

Free Relics rulebook with a 200 point army deals. Limited stock and they are 'MUST HAVES', honest......

Basically, if these do well, we will look at doing more flash 'MEGA DEALS' like this in the future.

Tor Gaming is showing off another green WIP they're working on from their Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter campaign that successfully funded in Feb.
Here's the Nuem Degener.

From the update:

It's been a while, but we can finally show you some pics of the Degener. It's a little mucky, as all our greens are, but you can see all the detail!

Fear not, most of our Nuem greens look like this but still end up as awesome models once cast so don't let the muck put you off!

This chap, along with the remaining other sculpts should be on their way to us soon. This means we should be able to start completing rewards once we have them at the casters and production moulds made.

Tor Gaming is showing off the green for their Orcnar Ealdmoder.
I... uh... decided against posting the preview photos here. Click through the link at your own peril.

From the preview:

The Ealdmoder is one of the sculpts we are producing thanks to our Kickstarter success.

The Ealdmoder is an Orcnar Commander and Independent unit for Relics and can mounted used on a command base of an Orcnar force for Relics War. They do not have a profile for Relics Clash just yet, but will do soon.

In Relics, they play a supportive role in your force, making use of 'Lick it Better' to keep your troops on the table and 'The Earth Rumbles' to help you control and deny the battlefield to the opponent.

This little beauty is Sculpted by the very talented Kevin Kosse and concept done by the equally talented Christian Schwager

Tor Gaming put up a video showing off the new Relics Hardback Rulebook.

From the video:

Interested in Relics? Download the FULL rules in pdf format now!

Tor Gaming also has their project running for Relics Reinforcements. They've updated their stretch goals and have also posted this updated green of the Vaelad.

From the update:

Kev is still plowing forward with sculpting and has sent over an update of the Vaelad. He/she/it is really starting to look creepy as hell! Still plenty to do on it, the head for example is just the start and Kev will be reducing it down to match the artwork.

Also, we have updated the stretch goal graphics to show the rest of the models and the order in which they can be smashed. We continue with individual stretch goals for the next four packs, then we move to double pack stretch goal and the last one is a group of three which will take us to the point of all the models in the rulebook sorted.

Tor Gaming has put two new models up for pre-order in their webstore: Hazmat Team and Scythe Beast. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they're released.

From the announcement:

We have just made our latest items for out The Cabinet range available to pre-order via our 'Buyer Power Pre-Order page'

The pre-order system allows everyone that pre-orders to earn up to 25% off their order through nothing more than buyer power. The more that is ordered by everyone before the closing date, the more discount YOU ALL get!

This pre-order is for the Hazmat team - £8.00 per pack of 5 and the Scythe Beasts - £5 per pack of three

Tor Gaming has added in Damage Markers to their Kickstarter project.

From the update:

Hi all, we have posted pics of the new damage counters for Relics over on the Kickstarter project.

Each faction have their own themed marker, so no need to use a marker that doesn't match your army?!?

Tor Gaming has unlocked the Puppeteer in their Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter.
Be warned about the photo for the next achievement goal, though. Just sayin'.

From the update:

Yep, that's right folks, we have hit the target for the puppeteer so that is now unlocked!

Next up we have the Ealdmoder. And don't forget, when we hit that target we will release to all the backers 4 new profiles that are currently in testing.

Tor Gaming has some more Relics Reinforcements goals up for their Kickstarter.

From the update:

We have made some changes to the first two stretch goals on the Relics Reinforcements project.

Originally, they were for 4 profiles per strech goal (a profile per faction) but we have decided to break it down so the first stretch goals breaks into four individual stretch goals and the old second stretch goal is now two stretch goals of two profiles each.

This means that the new first stretch goal, the Nuem Domini, is now considered achieved! Yay!

We have also now added 300 point army packs to the project to allow people who are not familiar with the rules to be able to back the project and get a 300 point army without having to figure out what to buy! Huzzar!

Tor Gaming made it through their main goal on Kickstarter for their Relics Reinforcements. So it's stretch goals from here on out.

From the campaign:

In less than 36 hours we hit and moved through the main target of the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter project!

We're now aiming for the first stretch goal and beyond (did you read that with a Buzz Lightyear voice in your head?)

Got to say, pretty blown away with the response and support so far, all the backers are amazing!

Tor Gaming has launched a Kickstarter to fund their next set of Relics models.

From the campaign:

Hey Relics fans, welcome to the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter project.

This projects aim is to fund the sculpting and moulding of as many of the remaining profiles for Relics as we can. This will give us a good amount of releases for the future and allow us to look at adding new races to the game (the C’thu and Ridend for example).

Tor Gaming is now taking names for those that want the Nuem Auxilium Sagittarius as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new models.

From the release:

Now available for pre-order, the Nuem Auxilium Sagittarius.

Pre-orders will begin shipping on the 21st of December with the official release date of the 28th.

Contains components to make 2 Auxilium Sagittarius (Unit size is 2 to 4 models.)

Tor Gaming has a little something for everyone that plays Relics with their latest set of releases.

From the release:

All races get a nice little boost, so there is no excuse for your ranks to not swell!
So, what are you waiting for? Get ordering!