Tor Gaming Releases New Tactical Formations For Relics

Gavin might be taking the day off over at Tor Gaming today (being a bank holiday in Britain, as it is), and I’m sure he’s enjoying a cuppa, but that doesn’t mean the Tor Gaming website doesn’t have some new stuff for you. They’ve released new Tactical Formations. And it’s not just one or two factions, but each one has a new one you can pick from.
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March Releases For Relics Available To Order, April Releases Previewed

Gavin over at Tor Gaming has been working hard. But all that tea he drinks, it’s probably the caffeine getting to him. The March releases for Relics are over in the Tor Gaming webstore and available to order. Make sure you put your name on the list and get yours as soon as they’re released. Meanwhile, you can also check out April’s releases.
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2nd Edition Rules for Relics Available For Free

Gavin has been busy over in his Tor Gaming workshop. The amounts of tea he’s been drinking could be considered “insane,” even for a Brit. But all that caffeine has resulted in a new edition of Relics. You can download them, for free, over on the Tor Gaming website. To go along with it, there’s some new releases and pre-releases available as well.
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New C’thu Available From Tor Gaming For Relics

It’s always cool to see items that were on Kickstarter be available for general sale. It shows a real successful Kickstarter campaign. Well, Gavin over at Tor Gaming has started taking pre-orders for the latest C’thu models for Relics. They were originally on Kickstarter, and now you can get them (or, at least, you can get them soon).
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Vaettir Brocken Pre-orders and Free Maverick Mike Offer From Tor Gaming

Seems it’s just a time for sales and special offers. Tor Gaming has one of those going for the month of May with their Maverick Mike offer. Just spend £40 or more in their webshop and you’ll get one for free (be sure to add him to your cart and use the “FREEMIKE” coupon code). How will you get to £40 for your order? Well, you could order some of the new Vaettir Brocken.
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Friday Snippets

We’re getting there, people. We’re getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I’ve got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It’s so close that our friends over in Australia are already there. Hello people in the future! How’s the weekend starting out? Good, I hope. My you’re up late.

Anyway, whether you’re enjoying a midnight snack, some dinner (for those in, say, England), or an afternoon snack (those here in the Eastern part of the US), now’s a good time for some bite-sized stories.

In this installment of Snippets we have: Win a C’thu Dice Bag From Tor Gaming, Fate of Akalon: Tribes Returning To Kickstarter Next Week, New Legionaries Vibro Talons Available From Kromlech, New 15mm Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases more 15mm Mutant Supersoldiers, Pacific Coast Creative Publishing To Release Age of the Wizard Lords RPG, DayTrippers Golden Age Coming Leap Day, and Counterblast Hero Builder Beta v.1 Available.

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New Relics Pre-Releases Available From Tor Gaming

While Tor Gaming still has their C’thu Kickstarter campaign going, that doesn’t mean they’re not busy working on the other factions for Relics. Quite the contrary, indeed. While the campaign goes on, they also have new pre-orders for a pair of the existing Relics factions.
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Add-Ons Added On To C’thu Kickstarter Campaign

Seems the C’thu have been pretty popular. The Kickstarter campaign for the new Relics faction has been making their way through various stretch goals. As such, there’s quite a lot that’s been made available as add-ons for the campaign. If you value your sanity, you might not want to click through.
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Tor Gaming Launches Kickstarter For The C’thu for Relics

We all knew that Gavin over at Tor Gaming was a little… odd.
Seems there’s now a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.
Of course, it’s because he is a little odd. But who can blame him? He’s been working on a new faction for Relics, the C’thu. Of course your sanity’s not gonna be all there when doing something like that.
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Tor Gaming Posts C’thu Previews

Officially, Gavin, Larry, and all the others at Tor Gaming are off for the holidays (must be nice). But that doesn’t mean they’re not posting stuff about the upcoming C’thu Kickstarter campaign they’ll be running for Relics. It’s been a while since I took a look at the game, proper, but this new faction might just be what pulls me back in. I’m loving how the sculpt look. Speaking of which, here’s a look some of the units.
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Tor Gaming Posts More C’thu Preview Art

We’ve all known for quite some time that Gavin over at Tor Gaming was a little crazy (I mean, he calls a car’s hood a bonnet! 😛 ). Tor Gaming has announced that they’re going to be adding a new faction to Relics and they’re going to do so via Kickstarter. Well, they’ve got some new preview artwork to show off for the upcoming campaign.
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Tor Gaming Previews Q4 Releases for Relics

Gavin and Larry (mostly Gavin, Larry just sits around, eating chicken) have been working hard over at Tor Gaming. They have their recently-released Ridend faction that people are picking up. Now they’ve posted up a couple of new releases they’ll be coming out with in the next couple months.
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Tor Gaming Taking Pre-Orders for new Relics Releases

While Gavin, Larry, and the others at Tor Gaming might be on vacation for the summer, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on for Relics. For you Ridend players, there’s a trio of new releases that are coming out soon that you can get your name on the list to get them as soon as they’re released. Be the first gamer on your block with these figures.
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The Ridend Are Up For Pre-Order from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming is now taking pre-orders for the first couple sets for the Ridend, a new faction for Relics, their stitchpunk miniatures skirmish game. Though they’re not all that impressive individually, the Ridend possess all the rabid determination of a miniature doberman pinscher. They’ll gladly swarm over any opponent in acts of fearlessness and use a thousand paper cuts to bring down even the largest of foes.
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New Releases and Changes to the Relics Range from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming has their newest Relics releases up and available in their webshop. Along with that, there’s been a rather extensive bunch of changes to their catalog. There’s some discontinuations of certain codes, since those models will now be available in different sets. There’s some reorganization of certain starter and unit packs. They’ve got updated prices for those new sets as well.

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Tor Gaming 5th Anniversary Sale

Tor Gaming turns 5 years old this month.
*hands out cake and party hats to everyone*
They’ve got a special deal going on where all orders between now and April 19 get a surprise.
It might be a little pin, or a free model, or just a little bit of whatever (maybe you’ll get a spin caster. Never know).

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New Releases for Relics from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming has several new releases for Relics that they’re showing off. For the doll-like Britannan, there’s the Heavy Dragoons. For the sadistic Nuem, they’ve got the Praefectus Equitum. And for the former-elven Vaettir, there’s the Vicario.
Don’t know about Relics? That’s ok, you can check out my review I did.


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Relics Preview: Ridend Barons

Tor Gaming shows off some more Relics previews with a look at the Ridend Barons.


From the preview:

In battle the Ridend Barons stalk the fields, directing the brave Ridendean warriors onward into the thick of the fighting. Each accompanied by two of their most loyal Men-at-arms, one bearing the Ridend Barons own personal Coat of Arms and the other acting as musician/signaller, each baron is an inspiring sight to behold. Such divine oaths of loyalty are commanded by the Ridend Barons that those who swear to serve them will not hesitate to march head on into certain doom if they should be ordered to do so.

Tor Gaming posts Ridend Archers preview

Tor Gaming gives us a look at some concept art for the new Ridend Archers they’re working on for Relics.

Ridend Archers


From the website:

In traditional Ridendean warfare the bow and arrow was looked down upon by the upper classes as being a dishonourable weapon and to employ archers against an opponent of virtue was seen to be a terrible weakness of character and judgement. In modern day Relicia however, the Ridendean nobility has found very little by the way of honour and virtue amongst their enemies and the reluctance they once had in using archers has long since faded into obscurity.

Tor Gaming Revamps UK Demo Program

Tor Gaming is looking for a few good representatives. Are you up to joining their Ranger program?



From the announcement:

Today we launch the revamped Tor Gaming demo program – The Rangers!

Every game needs a solid support network to bring it to the attention of the masses and Relics is no different in that respect. That’s where the Rangers come in!

The Rangers are responsible for getting out there and spreading the word of Relicia!

What do you get?
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Final hours for Tor Gaming GamingFunder

Tor Gaming is in their final hours over on GamingFunder. They’ve made well over their goal, so your pledge just goes that much further with stretch goals.



From the campaign:

There are just 12 hours to go until the project completes! We are now at 309% funded and 57% towards funding the Orcnar Dmoder.

Many thanks to all those that have already backed the project, you guys and girls are just all sorts of awesome! If you plan on backing the project, you have until 8pm UTC to do so!

Final days for Tor Gaming on GamingFunder

Tor Gaming has just a few days left on their GamingFunder campaign. They’ve funded and then some, so check out the stretch goals.

Tor Gaming


From the campaign:

This is a great opportunity to get on board and snag yourself a great price on a army whilst helping us get more stuff sculpted faster!

Relics Erratas posted

Tor Gaming knows a balanced game is a happy game and so they’ve posted up errata for Relics to make sure the game is balanced.



From the announcement:

On this page you will find the Relics errata documents for the 1.2 edition rulebook (hardback A5 format and pdf format)

We have split the errata into five docs, one for the main rules one for each of the nations. None are too long, and some are quiet short! But we hope this will sort out some issues that people have mentioned to us and what not!

We’re always open to further feedback so if you have any feedback to give, pop it down below!

Tor Gaming previews new Lingering Effects counters

Tor Gaming has a post up showing off some new lingering effect tokens they’re working on.
Did they have to let it linger?



From the post:

A little while ago over on the Gaming Funder crowdfunder we are currently running we previewed the new Lingering Effect counters and so we thought maybe we should post them on here too!

Each counter is double sided with each side showing a different Lingering Effect.

New Relics Mapless Campaign System

Tor Gaming has posted up rules for a new Mapless Campaign system for Relics. Go check it out.



From the announcement:

Well, basically it’s a way for your and your mates to have a load of Relics games in a abstract type campaign.

During a campaign turn players will:
Challenge another player to a battle
Play the game (obviously)
Gain advancements for their units
Work out the armies Notoriety rating – used to see who is winning
Use the Notoriety rating to rebuild existing units and recruit new units.

Relics heads to stretch goal territory

Tor Gaming is up and past their original goal total for Relics Reinforcements 2 over on GamingFunder. Now it’s time for stretch goals.

Nuem Ruina


From them to you:

Relics Reinforcements 2 Crowdfunder over on Gamingfunder is currently at 144% funded and still over 3 weeks to go.

Pledging £70 or more will get the the new Cronicler Events Limited Edition model FOR FREE!

Relics Reinforcements 2 launches

Tor Gaming has launched their Relics Reinforcements 2 project over on Gamingfunder.



From the campaign:

The projects main target is to produce two items.

The first being a four piece portal terrain piece that will be compatible with a scenario we will produce.The second being the first EXCLUSIVE sculpt, the Banished Knight. Check him out! launches on May 5th

GamingFunder, a new crowdfunding website with gaming in mind, will be launching on Cinco De Mayo. Ole!



From the announcement:

On the 5th May 2014 launches with the Relics Reinforcements 2 project from Tor Gaming.

What is is a crowdfunding platform set up specifically for the gaming industry. Whether it’s board games, card games, wargames, RPGs or computer games and anything in between – is a platform designed and built specifically for these projects.
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Tor Gaming Banished Knight Giveaway

Tor Gaming is having a giveaway for their upcoming Banished Knight model as part of their GamingFunder campaign for Relics.

Banished Knight


From the announcement:

Right then, here you go!

If you want to get one of these models for FREE you can by:

1) Entering this competition –
2) Backing the project when it is live.

We will then include the model in your reward! How cool is that?!?