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You are an angel that traveled to Earth in order to continue the fight against evil. However, once you got there, you found there was little you could do to really help. Now, the war between good and
There'd been a lot of stories about gaming companies closing up shop recently. Many of them were looking to sell their game to other developers. Well, in the case of Tor Gaming and Relics, it has been
Man, just a sad day for companies closing their doors today. Tor Gaming, makers of Relics, is closing up shop.From the announcement:Tor Gaming was started back in 2010 with the intention to product th
Gavin might be taking the day off over at Tor Gaming today (being a bank holiday in Britain, as it is), and I'm sure he's enjoying a cuppa, but that doesn't mean the Tor Gaming website doesn't have so
Gavin over at Tor Gaming has been working hard. But all that tea he drinks, it's probably the caffeine getting to him. The March releases for Relics are over in the Tor Gaming webstore and available t
Gavin has been busy over in his Tor Gaming workshop. The amounts of tea he's been drinking could be considered "insane," even for a Brit. But all that caffeine has resulted in a new edition of Relics.
It's always cool to see items that were on Kickstarter be available for general sale. It shows a real successful Kickstarter campaign. Well, Gavin over at Tor Gaming has started taking pre-orders for
Seems it's just a time for sales and special offers. Tor Gaming has one of those going for the month of May with their Maverick Mike offer. Just spend £40 or more in their webshop and you'll get one f
Who doesn't love a birthday? There's a party. Cake. Balloons. Presents. It's a good time had by all. Well, Tor Gaming has a birthday coming up this month, but they're giving you the presents in the fo
We're getting there, people. We're getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I've got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It's so close that our friends over in Australia are already there.
While Tor Gaming still has their C'thu Kickstarter campaign going, that doesn't mean they're not busy working on the other factions for Relics. Quite the contrary, indeed. While the campaign goes on,
Seems the C'thu have been pretty popular. The Kickstarter campaign for the new Relics faction has been making their way through various stretch goals. As such, there's quite a lot that's been made ava
We all knew that Gavin over at Tor Gaming was a little... odd.Seems there's now a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.Of course, it's because he is a little odd. But who can blame him? He's been
Officially, Gavin, Larry, and all the others at Tor Gaming are off for the holidays (must be nice). But that doesn't mean they're not posting stuff about the upcoming C'thu Kickstarter campaign they'l
We've all known for quite some time that Gavin over at Tor Gaming was a little crazy (I mean, he calls a car's hood a bonnet! :P ). Tor Gaming has announced that they're going to be adding a new facti
Gavin and Larry over at Tor Gaming are having themselves a sale. But Gavin being Gavin, it's a Gray Cyber Weekend sale (because he's kooky like that).This weekend, get 25% off your order by using the
Warlord Games isn't the only company giving out some free shipping this month. Tor Gaming is doing much the same. Though they're not making any sort of reference to Christmas with their announcement..
Gavin and Larry (mostly Gavin, Larry just sits around, eating chicken) have been working hard over at Tor Gaming. They have their recently-released Ridend faction that people are picking up. Now they'
While Gavin, Larry, and the others at Tor Gaming might be on vacation for the summer, that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on for Relics. For you Ridend players, there's a trio of new releases
Tor Gaming is now taking pre-orders for the first couple sets for the Ridend, a new faction for Relics, their stitchpunk miniatures skirmish game. Though they're not all that impressive individually,
Tor Gaming has their newest Relics releases up and available in their webshop. Along with that, there's been a rather extensive bunch of changes to their catalog. There's some discontinuations of cert
Tor Gaming turns 5 years old this month.*hands out cake and party hats to everyone*They've got a special deal going on where all orders between now and April 19 get a surprise.It might be a little pin
Tor Gaming previewed these new releases for Relics a little bit ago, but now they've started taking orders for minis in their webshop. The minis will be shipped starting in February. Also, if you pre-
Tor Gaming has several new releases for Relics that they're showing off. For the doll-like Britannan, there's the Heavy Dragoons. For the sadistic Nuem, they've got the Praefectus Equitum. And for the
Tor Gaming shows off some more Relics previews with a look at the Ridend Barons.Ridend-Command-1Ridend-Command-2 SourceFrom the preview:In battle the Ridend Barons stalk the fields, directing the brav