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Relic Miniatures

Relic Miniatures has a preview photo up of their upcoming Hercules and Nemian Lion miniatures.From the preview:These are for Relic Miniatures Mythology range.
Relic Miniatures releases new 28mm historical miniatures:From their post:Models supplied unpainted. Supply your own spears. Supplied with three heads, 1 head for each pose.*Tamiya Fine Primer recomme
Relic Miniatures releases new Illyrian miniatures:From their post:Illyrians are here and command on the way. Supply your own spears.
Relic Miniatures have posted a preview of the 28mm Thracian figure they are producing for Ancient Warfare Magazine. From their announcement: Thracian commission is now available at Ancient Warfare
Relic Miniatures have posted a preview of their upcoming Iberian Chieftain miniature. From their announcement: Scale 'True 28mm' further details on our upcoming products can be seen on 'Relic Minia