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Relic Knights

Play Unplugged takes a look inside the Cerci Speed Circuit Faction Starter box in this unboxing video.


From the post:

Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini returns from Gen Con Indy 2014 with a deluge of miniature gaming goodness! In this episode, he takes a look at the Cerci Speed Circuit Faction Starter for the anime inspired skirmish miniature game, Relic Knights.

Secret Weapon Miniatures is coming out with new crystals primarily for use with Relic Knights.



From the post:

The first of several new releases in support of Relic Knights! Esper Crystals cast in six translucent resin colors (one for each faction), available in September -- or get them early at GenCon from the folks at Ninja Division.

Ninja Division has posted up some progress shots some some painted-up Relic Knights minis.



From the post:

Our friends at Minx Studios have been hard at work on some of the new plastics from the upcoming release of Relic Knights; Darkspace Calamity. These are some “in – progress” shots of the progression from basic prepared plastic miniatures through the painting process. We are looking forward to showing more as we get them. Check out the photos of the Doctrine Battle Box.

Soda Pop Miniatures is asking you to vote on which pose you would like for their Candy Heart mini for Relic Knights.


From the post:

Relic Knights has also been having some movement with the Candy Heart Model and we are currently running a Poll for people to vote on which miniature they would like. This is as a "Thank you" for the patience as we get closer to shipping Relic Knights.

Relic Knights has posted up photos of their base inserts as part of their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

Today we have pictures of the production base inserts, along with a turn around video of the production Super Dungeon Explore models.

Production will be picking up again soon and we will continue to keep you up-to-date with production information and photos as we receive them.

Soda Pop has posted up some photo sets of unboxings of their Relic Knights starter sets over on their Kickstarter page.


From the update:

Protection of life above all else. The United Planetary Alliance was forged by the paladin orders of the Six Peers. It is through their dedication and sacrifice that civilization flourished, ushering in a time of prosperity almost beyond the scope of comprehension. Greatest of the orders, the Order of the Shattered Sword is the thin line holding back the chaos of Calamity—it is more than that. It is a shining beacon. It is a rallying cry! It is a promise that the Void will be stopped and life will prevail.

The Shattered Sword Battle Box comes with Francis Malory, his cypher Quill, 2 Paragons, and 5 Swordsworn.

Soda Pop Miniatures posted up this art book pdf for Relic Knights for all to enjoy.


From the page:

The Soda Pop Miniatures Team wants to share something special with all our supporters. So, wherever you are, we want to thank you for your continued support, as we continue to finalize production on Relic Knights!

Soda Pop Miniatures needs your updated shipping information by the 10th, because they're almost ready to start sending out Relic Knights models.


From the update:

As we are entering the final stages of Relic Knights production, please ensure your address is correct and up to date no later than November 10th.

This is very important - this is a very large and complex project so as announced in our previous update we will be sending a team near the factory to pack your orders before transshipping them to Europe / USA / Asia Pacific for redistribution. That means if we miss this window, your rewards will ship from our default location in the USA and won't go out with the first batch (which we are planning to mass ship together).

Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off some more cards for the upcoming Relic Knights game. See what you've got coming your way with these updated stat cards.

From the update:

We've made several updates to theRelic Knights Media Page. A new Cerci Speed Circuit wallpaper is up to grace your screens. As well as a retooled Shattered Sword wallpaper now featuring the faction colors and heraldry.

We've also added more preview cards with the Prismatic units. Both Radiant and Void prismatic units are previewed, so if you want to see how Candy or Harbonath the Void Reaper perform on the field, download them now!

CoolMiniOrNot is back home and the offices are humming as we sort through the event that was GenCon. It was a fantastic show and we're thankful for everyone that came and stopped by the booth.

We had a lot of events and special releases going on at the show. For those that might have missed out, or want to see what sort of things we'll have going on next year,
Soda Pop Miniatures will have some limited release models available during GenCon. Be sure to come check them out.

From the announcement:

Hey Soda Pop Fans, here is a preview of our GenCon 2013 Promotional Miniatures! These will be available at the CoolMiniOrNot Booth #1627. These miniatures will also be available online after GenCon but only as long as supplies last!

Soda Pop Miniatures gives us an update on their Relic Knights Kickstarter progress and shows off some WIPs they've been working on.

From the update:

Tooling is progressing as planned, and we're still anticipating shipping out of the factory in October and shipping from our warehouses in November.

Soda Pop Miniatures is showing off some preview stat cards for Relic Knights.

Soda Pop posted up 2 photos of 3D renders they're working on for the upcoming Relic Knights release.

From the preview:

We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth last weekend at Adepticon. It was great to get to talk to so many of you. As promised we have two more Darkspace previews for you, Cosplay Rin and Fiametta!

Soda Pop Miniatures has updated their Kickstarter page with a new estimated shipping date for Relic Knights. Looks like November.

From the update:

With spring's arrival, we know many of you are on pins and needles, and we are glad to say we have received a production timeline from our manufacturers. Unfortunately, it misses our May target date. The current production schedule we have been provided with has Relic Knights shipping from China in August. Which means our warehouse will receive product around November to ship to you.

As we mentioned in our previous production update, the success of the Kickstarter allowed us to expand and improve the Relic Knights range far beyond our expectations. It has allowed the entire range to move plastic and now comprises over 100 unique, multi-part models. This means the scope of the project became significantly larger than any single launch we have done before.

For comparison, the boxed set Super Dungeon Explore only has 20 unique sculpts. If you add every single Super Dungeon Explore expansion to the number, the total rises to 54. Needless to say, Relic Knights was able to explode!
Soda Pop has updated their Kickstarter page with information about the progress of Relic Knights. It's coming guys, I promise.

From the update:
Lots of stuff after the cut, by the way.
Its been a couple weeks since our last update so we thought we'd make this one a little different from our last few, that were all focused on new models, with a galaxy-sized production update!

Suffice it to say your extraordinary support has allowed us to expand the scope of Relic Knights far beyond what we had originally planned and we have been working a fever pace to bring the whole thing to life.

Relic Knights' six factions, plus Prismatic "mercs" now muster 70 units in the book alone. Add in the Darkspace variant characters and SDE units and we have over 80 units that will be battling for the fate of the galaxy (and your dungeons). Bringing the art and sculpts for a project of this scale to life has been unprecedented for Soda Pop and we have had over two dozen artists and sculptors slaving away to get everything produced. All said and done they have created over 100 models, unique artworks, and new character bios for you to savor.

Here's something our marketing team passed along, as a reminder that the Relic Knights Kickstarter is entering its final 20 hours!  Be sure to check out the really cool mech design after the break!

I have to say, it has been a genuine pleasure running this Kickstarter for all you great folks on the Internets, and from the team here at Soda Pop Miniatures and CoolMiniOrNot thank you so much for your awesome support!....
Since we've got a whole 22 hours left, do you think we can hit our last stretch goal?

Relic Knights has a Developer Q&A going on over on Google and they'd love to have your questions.

From them to you:

We want to answer any and all questions you, the gamers, have about Relic Knights.

Relic Knights is up to $440k, which means they've passed their $430k stretch goal.
Up next: EX2!

From the update:

Check out this super cute Calico Kate and Scully, unlocked as a Special Edition Miniature choice!

Savior, Double Savior and Got to Get Em All rewards may choose her as one the 2, 4, or 6 Special Edition Choices, or add $10 to get her!

Now, we want to get you lots of models so how about doubling the elite troops in each Faction Starter? Sound good? EX2 boost does just that at $460k! At the rate this is going we're going to have to figure out more stretches stat!

Relic Knights has made it to their next goal on Kickstarter, so scenic bases for everyone!

From the update:

Let's decorate those bases! This upgrade the previous unlock "Base Insert pack" so that every model gets a base insert instead of just a few!

Relic Knights has passed $38k so you get Malya. At $400k, everyone gets scenic base inserts.

From the update:

The SDE special edition version of Malya is now available as a Special Edition Choice! This version may change from the final sculpt to match well within the videogame world of SDE.

Now, a lot of loyal backers have been asking, "where's the base inserts??" when we released the GUIDE TO SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE ("GTSOTU" since we love crazy acronyms!). Well, the reason was it was hard to communicate a random pack of base inserts in the Savior set, and what if you added or traded in a Faction Starter or bought optional figs?

Our solution.....
Yes folks, every model you get on this Kickstarter will get a scenic base. No messing about trying to get optional insert packs or what not, we'll just give them to you if we hit $400k! No more generic looking bases or aftermarket parts for you!

Throne of Angels had themselves an interview with John Cadice, CEO of Soda Pop Miniatures, wherein they talked all things Relic Knights.

From the interview:

We start off Relic Knights Week with a great interview with CEO of SodaPopMiniatures and one of the three creators of the Relic Knights universe, my friend John Cadice.

John gives us some history of SodaPop, fills us in on some background of the RK Universe, a bit about gameplay and what we may see later on when the game goes live.

Relic Knights is doing great over on Kickstarter. Their campaign has made it over $300k and so they've made it past their next stretch goal. Announcing new with this update, special edition characters of Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade!

From the update:

And now... for your optional enjoyment. These two officially licensed Penny Arcade characters will only be available during this Kickstarter and any remainder at conventions in 2013!

Relic Knights also went by another stretch goal, unlocking the Cosplay Iron Chef model. Up next: boost level EX.

From the update:

That's pretty sweet that we're breaking stretches in a day! That means of course, Cosplay Iron Chef is now a Special Edition choice!

Relic Knights jumped themselves through another stretch goal. So base inserts for everyone! Next are sets of exclusive models for backers.

From the campaign:

$200k! Here come those base inserts / objective markers! (Concept art coming I swear)

Next up, Boost Level 1 - $220k

Each Faction Starter gets these extra models for their specific Faction (i.e. one Boost per Faction Starter box)! (Kickstarter only)