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A classic game in a new form. Relic, the epic sci-fi adventure around the Antian Sector, is now available from WizKids. What's different about the WizKids version? The busts for the figures have been improved. There's also upgraded punchboard and scenario cards. Want to get something a little extra? There's the Deluxe version where the busts are pre-painted for your convenience. You can get your copy now.

There's been a lot of talk lately about Games Workshop's board game properties and the various companies who are making said games. USAOpoly is going to be making Talisman. Well, now we know that WizKids is going to be making Relic.

Terra. Earth. The cradle of humanity. In the grimdark future, the entire Sol system is considered rather holy and trying to get onto Terra, itself, is quite a task, fraught with many dangers. Halls of Terra for Relic lets players make that journey in order to gain power and influence to help with Antian sector hijinks. A lot of the battles being fought around Sol are not the same as fighting rampaging Orcs or Tyranids, but they can be just as deadly.
Fantasy Flight Games has begun taking pre-orders for their Relic: Halls of Terra expansion. They've showed off various bits of what you get in the box, but what about what could be the most important of all, the Characters? Well, this preview has that covered. Whether you're trying to save the Empire by using the Imperial Fists Terminator, the Sister Hospitaller, or House Belisarius Navigator, or trying to crush it as Abraxis Synethi, you can see what sort of special abilities you will possess. All of the character cards can be checked out below the cut.

From the preview:
Fantasy Flight Games is showing off another look inside their upcoming Halls of Terra expansion for Relic with a look at the new Threats and Scenarios that come with the game. There's a new Orange threat deck to represent what sort of issues you'll come across while traversing Mars and Terra. There are also two new scenarios that drive the game. Have yourself a look-see.

From the preview:
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new sideboard expansion set for Relic. Take your Hero or Nemesis to the cradle of humanity and stand in front of the god-emperor, himself, as you look to play politics and gain favor in the eyes of the Imperium of Man, saving it from greed and corruption.


From the announcement: