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Red Kobold

Red Kobold has another freebie set of decor up on their website to tie in with their Blue Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter.SourceFrom the post:Blue Dungeon Tiles reached its funding goal this past weekend an
Red Kobold made it up and over their funding goal for their Blue Dungeon Tiles over on Kickstarter. They've posted up some screen shots of the Dungeon Master Add-On software over on their page.Source
Red Kobold has made it to more than 70% funded already for their Blue Tiles Kickstarter campaign and wanted to celebrate with a freebie.SourceFrom them to you:Only 5 days into the campaign and the Blu
Red Kobold is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Blue Dungeon Tiles which can be written on with both wet and dry-erase markers.SourceFrom the campaign:Blue Dungeon Tiles are map tiles for rolep