ReaperCon Coming This Month

Well, this week we have Essen Spiel. I know I can't make it out to Germany for the event. It's a bit further than my driving distance allows. Considering the demographics of the website, I'm sure most of you reading this also think that Germany's a bit out of "road-tripping range." However, Texas not so much. So if you can't make it to Essen, maybe you can make it to Lewisville.

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ReaperCon Class Tickets Now Available

ReaperCon is coming up soon. A major draw of the event is the selection of classes being taught by gaming professionals. You can now start getting tickets for their panels and classes. No matter your skill level or what effects you're trying to recreate on your figures, there's probably a class for you. From beginning blending to fixing mistakes (one I'm sure I could stand to take...) to painting faces and eyes (another one I could stand to take. When I do eyes, it looks like I did them with a paintball gun at 50yds).
Anyway, check them out and get your tickets before the classes fill up.

From the website:
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Reaper Miniatures posts ReaperCon Sophie green and t-shirt design

ReaperCon will be here before you know it. Reaper's posted up the green for the show's special Sophie model as well as the design for the t-shirts.

From the announcement:

She's been sculpted for us this year by the excellent Derek Schubert. Sophie will be availabe here at ReaperCon, in the swag bag you get for registering, and in our online store for the duration of the con. So, really, there's no good excuse to not get one for yourself.

Speaking of Sophie, here's Tim "Talin" Collier's rendition of her for this year:

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New releases available from Reaper

Reaper has a batch of new releases available over on their website as well as some news about ReaperCon (because it's Convention Hour here on TGN).

From the announcement:

In all the hustle and bustle of getting the ReaperCon Classes online last week, I completely forgot to post a batch of releases here on the front page! You'll find some great monsters in the Dark Heaven release, and some terrific character models in the Pathfinder. Check them out!

I also wanted to take a moment to remind everyone, that even though you guys totally decimated my class supply, we still have pre-registration tickets available for ReaperCon. Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee yourself a shirt in your size as well as one of our famous swag bags. And here's another poorly kept secret about the ReaperCon tickets: if you get one of the tickets, even if you have absolutely no intention of attending, we'll send you swag bag and t-shirt to you when the con is over. Unless you love the thrill of the hunt on eBay, there's no better way to lay your hands on the limited edition con stuff we're offering this year.

Last bit of business. We're having an unprecedented surge in internet orders. Seriously. We're buried. This is a good problem to have, but the gang down in the internet fulfilment station, who pride themselves on a 24-48 hour turnaround on orders, are beside themselves. It's taking us up to 7 days to get some orders turned around, emails answered, phone calls returned, that sort of thing. Please bear with us! We've got some new processes working and we're getting caught up as fast as we can.

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Reaper posts the classes they'll be holding at ReaperCon

ReaperCon is coming and Reaper has posted up the list of classes that will be offered during the event.

From the registry:

Two hour sessions featuring topical instruction from the pros that make the figures and paint jobs you love.
Classes have five seats per session. Three are available online, two will be available at the registration desk on the day of the class.
You need to purchase admission to ReaperCon to take a class.

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ReaperCon passes now available

Reaper Miniatures is selling passes for their ReaperCon event. I love a good convention.

From the announcement:

Same rules as last time: a $30 pass gets you in for all four days and a cool swag bag. In addition to the ReaperCon '12 Sophie, paints, and faction button, we're working on a few surprises for this year's bag, too. What are they? Nice try: if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise. *cough*sponsors*cough*

Factions! Ron is cooking up some events that have to do with your faction choice here at ReaperCon. Fight for the fate of the Isle of Scynneoa.

The only way to guarantee a shirt with the gorgeous Angelica Fairweather art on it is to preorder a ticket. After that, it's first come, first served. The shirts are priced at our cost.

And the happy little secret of ReaperCon tickets. If you can't attend for some reason, we'll ship your bag to you.

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