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Reaper Miniatures

Halfway through the week already. I can get down with that. Wasn't feeling great yesterday. Doing better today. Here's to hoping that the trend continues. Though, I am feeling a bit peckish. Time to s
Halfway through the week already. We're just racing through this one, it feels. Of course, that's never a complaint. I'm ready for that weekend. We've got D&D coming up again and it should be a go
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Just like a lot of other shows this year, Reaper Miniatures has been forced to cancel ReaperCon. With everyone's safety a top priority, it's just not a good time to have shows right now. Maybe 2021 we
I know "generic miniatures" would usually fall into a Snippets post, but this is Reaper here. The juggernaut of the "generic miniatures" line. They've run four previous Bones campaigns, each raking in
A cold wind is blowing here in Atlanta. Yes, I know many of you are much colder than we are here, but it was also almost 70F out yesterday. Today it'll be closer to 45F. Definitely glad that, earlier
Reaper is at it once again. They're looking to expand their range of Bones miniatures and have taken to Kickstarter to do it. Like before, they're offering a bucket of miniatures at a low cost, and th
It's never too early to figure out travel plans and housing arrangements for the conventions that are happening this year. Booking early generally means lower prices and much higher availability at yo
Well, this week we have Essen Spiel. I know I can't make it out to Germany for the event. It's a bit further than my driving distance allows. Considering the demographics of the website, I'm sure most
Pulposaurus Entertainment has been running their Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter campaign for a little bit now. The campaign had made it over the $100k mark, but that was still below 50% of their
With the weeks streaming by quickly, we're already coming to the end of the Bones III Kickstarter campaign. There has been quite a lot unlocked, with a couple hundred more figures being made into the
At some point, I'm sure someone at Reaper, during the planning for the Bones III Kickstarter said, "You know, for this campaign, we really have to bring out the big guns." Apparently, someone took tha
Well, Reaper continues to roll along with their Bones III Kickstarter campaign. They've made it through the first page of their stretch goals and have rolled over to the next. Helping this along are t
Congratulations to everyone for once again making it to Friday. You've worked hard all week, and now it'll be time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some gaming. My weekend plans include putting together
Victoria Miniatures has announced that they will be creating a special "guest spot" miniature for the Reaper Bones III Kickstarter campaign. The piece is going to be specially designed for the campaig
From one big Kickstarter and directly into another. Reaper Miniatures has just launched their campaign for Bones III. This campaign's a pretty short one, only going for 18 days. Watching the ticker go
Reaper's Bones line of minis has made quite a splash with gamers. The first campaign made just shy of $3.5mil. and it seemed like everything Reaper could possibly make into their new material was done
CMON Expo moves inexorably closer with each tick of the clock. We've already got quite a lot lined up for the show, but there's always more to talk about. This week, we've got a new guest, new tournam
Hey there gaming buddies, it's time again for another Sunday Snippets here on TGN.So what's happening? We've got some photos of Medrin cast in resin resin, Torn Armor gives us an update of their 3D re
Reaper Miniatures has posted up the WIP green of the Christmas model they're working on for this year.SourceFrom the preview:This Santa Dwarf is ready for business! He'll be available on November 28th
Reaper Miniatures is showing off their special Christmas miniatures they're making for this year.... and so it begins...SourceFrom the post:We're pleased to show off our two new Christmas miniatures,
Reaper will be running special, weekly sales all through the month of October on special Bonsylvanian minis. Miss out and you'll have to wait until next year.SourceFrom the announcement:This year, we’
Reaper has just a few days left on their Cav Kickstarter campaign. They've just made it through their $150k stretch goal. How many more can they make it through before the campaign ends?SourceFrom the
Reaper is in their final week for CAV: Strike Operations on Kickstarter. They're hovering just under $150k. Will they be able to make it and more before the end? Only your pledges will decide.SourceFr
Reaper Miniatures looks to bring out a new edition of CAV and some new minis with their new Kickstarter.And it's already funded! So on to stretch goals for the next 26 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Rea
Reaper Miniatures has new releases for Chronoscope, Dark Heaven Legends, and Pathfinder available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:More Great New Releases!Dark Heaven Legends03670: Western