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Realm Fantasy Warfare

Serious Lemon is having a holiday sale on their website for the entire month.


From the sale:

For the month of December we have 15% off all orders. Use the discount code:

to take advantage of the sale.

Happy holidays from Serious Lemon!

Realm Fantasy Warfare is how available in pdf form via download.


From the announcement:

After a long wait, the eagerly anticipated and oft-requested pdf version of the rules are finally available to download.

Grab yourself a copy and let me know how you fare.

Realm Fantasy Warfare now has a webshop all their own up and running. Go get yourself some minis direct from the source.


From the announcement:

The web store is open!

If you have any comments or questions, do let me know. Either on here or send me an email.

It's been a long 3 years but I finally have a product out there that I'm happy with. Hopefully there will be many more to come!



Serious Lemon updated the rules for Realm Fantasy Warfare and has posted them up online on their website.

From the update:

Hi all! A bit of an exciting update (well, for me anyway). I've just updated the site with the latest version of the rules.

After many, many hours of writing, tweaking and playtesting the rules, I've finally done everything I want to do with.

Aside from the odd tweaks and re-balancing, these are the rules that will go out in the final release.

Realm was always intended to be a 'rules first' game with a miniature line to go with it if I could gather enough support and funding, so this is a major milestone!

So, the game is the site. It's free and will always be free. Give it a go. Use whatever miniatures you have and don't forget to take a look at the handful I'll be making available in the coming months.

Serious Lemon gives us a look at their upcoming Honor Guard with a peek at the artwork and some 3D renders for them.

From the preview:

Hi all,

Here is our latest concept art for The Cursed - the Honour Guard. Again, the artwork is by Mark Ponczek. You can check it out on Facebook.

I'm also pleased to announce that I am working with Bob Olley in creating the sculpts for the initial miniatures. I'm a big fan of his work and excited to see the results!

Of course, all feedback on the Honour Guard is welcome.

Serious Lemon gives us a look at the preview art for their next model coming out for Realm: Fantasy Warfare.

From the preview:

Hi all,

Here is some concept art for the first miniature in our upcoming range for Realm - Fantasy Warfare. We are looking at The Cursed first, with no better place to start than the Revenant Lord; illustrated by the talented Mark Ponczek.

It would love to hear your feedback either here, on Facebook or through our site.

Serious Lemon has added Jonathan Peace to the Realm: Fantasy Warfare team.

From the announcement:

Good news!

I'm very pleased to announce that I will be working with Jonathan Peace in further developing the Realm setting as I prepare for our first official release in 2013.

I'm a fan of Jonathan's work, particularly with Mantic Games. He is bringing in some great ideas and will be adding his own flavour to the background of Realm.

For more information and to read a quick bio of Jonathan, head to our Facebook page. While you're there, don't forget to participate in our poll to determine which race will see in miniature first and for information regarding the starter set giveaway (just over a week to get in the draw!)

Wishing everybody a safe a happy holiday season and I'll be back in 2013 with some exciting developments.

Thanks all.


Serious Lemon, makers of Realm Fantasy Warfare, wants to know which faction you, the players, want to see next in the game.

From the announcement:

Hi guys,

I'm looking to get some feedback as to which race people would like to see developed into miniature first. I've set up a poll on our Facebook page for you to cast your vote.

If you have an aversion to Facebook, go ahead and let me know any way you please, in the comments or by email (contactrealmfwcom).

P.S. There's two weeks left in the giveaway (, get yourself in the draw for a chance to win a starter set!


Serious Lemon wants to know if you want to be a minis-sculptor. If you do, give them a ring and they may have some work for you.

I am in need of one or more talented sculptors for commission work.
Industry experience is not required but you must be able to demonstrate
your considerable talents, specifically at a 15mm scale.

If you are such a person, please register your interest by emailing
contactrealmfwcom with your portfolio and commission rates.

On another note, there is roughly 3 weeks left to get yourself in the draw
for the giveaway ( So make sure you get your
entry in, if you fancy winning one of the two armies on offer.

Realm Fantasy Warfare is giving away a pair of armies (plus accessories) to get them started full-on with the gaming system.

The Details:

"Free stuff! I've got two starter sets to giveaway to get two folks everything they need to get started playing games of Realm. Without getting into specifics, I've got models, bases, gaming tokens, dice and even custom painting (on request) that needs a new home.

The models have been provided by Eureka Miniatures, from their 18mm Fantasy Range. Custom painting is provided by Luke at The Sound of Machines Commission Painting.

To enter the draw is simple. Post some original content online discussing Realm (review, battle report, discuss tactics a forum thread, write a blog post on your favourite army in Realm...I've left it as open as possible), email me (contactrealmfwcom) the url and you're in.

The competition ends on December 31st, so there's plenty of time to get in. Looking forward to reading all the entries!
Serious Lemon has updated the web resources for Realm Fantasy Warfare including new downloadable tokens, a force generator and a Facebook page.

From the update:

Hi all.
I wanted to share an update on how things are going with the development Realm - Fantasy Warfare. Rules wise there hasn't been too much change, plenty of tweaking and a heck of a lot of play-testing, which has been a lot of fun.

In related updates though, I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I finally set up a Facebook page. I won't subject you to any groveling for 'likes' but I'd love for you to stop by and get involved.

Back to the Realm website, head to the downloads page where you can now get the new token set to print out and assist your games.

Lastly, I've put together a Force Creator to help speed up the force creation process. Although I've tried to keep force creation a straightforward task in Realm, I find having a tool like this useful for quickly creating different combinations when deciding what to run.

So as always, I welcome and appreciate any feedback.


Serious Lemon has been working on Realm - Fantasy Warfare pretty hard and they wanted to give everyone a progress report.

An update at last! Boy, did that take longer than I thought. We have made
some big, big changes to the game. It began innocently enough, looking at
all the feedback got on the initial release but surely did snowball into a
mammoth task.

There have been many changes, not least of which the new simultaneous turn
structure (we'll call it STS). The most common gripe to come out of Realm
was the 'old fashioned' IGO/UGO turn structure. A very early version of
Realm featured STS as an experiment - at the time, I gave up on it. Given
the feedback I was determined to make it work this time around and what we
have is I believe the closest you can get to simultaneous gameplay without
the use of a computer.

In order to accommodate STS, a lot of the fat had to be trimmed - too much
going on the table and it would just bog down. The result is a lighter,
streamlined and hopefully more fun set of rules.

The site itself has had a bit of a re-work. All of the lore has been moved
out into its own section, allowing the rules to remain uncluttered.
Notable Conflicts is a new section where we will posting various scenarios
to try out. The first one is up and there will be more to come.

So, once again we invite feedback. Play a game and let us know what you

Realm Fantasy Warfare gives us an update on their situation after their IndieGoGo campaign and has a new policy about their online rules.

Scott here from Serious Lemon. Just a quick announcement that our
IndieGoGo campaign ended without reaching it's target (aww) but, we've had
so much feedback during this brief period that we're considering it a
success anyway!
Due to the overwhelming negative feedback and outright confusion over our
site subscription, we have decided to remove it; all of the rules will be
available on the site for free.
The rules themselves are going through a serious re-working with an update
hopefully not to far away.
In the meantime, we have concept art for the other 6 playable races in
Realm up for viewing - head to to have a look.
Just as a heads up, one of them is probably NSFW.