Plaid Hat Games Posts October Release Dates

We're just a couple days away from October. That means a whole new set of releases coming soon from Plaid Hat Games. But what, exactly, is coming out? And when will it be available? All your questions will be answered. (well... those two questions, at least... But not, like, anything really metaphysical... You're gonna have to go elsewhere for those answers)

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Plaid Hat Games Announces Raxxon Cooperative Board Game

Well, it looks like the world is coming to an end again. (Damnit, Todd! I told you to go to the doctor when you got bitten!) The undead are swarming all over. Now people are having to escape this zombie menace. Thankfully, Raxxon Pharmaceuticals is helping with evacuation kits. It's got what you need to escape. And it's just what you'll be using in Raxxon, a new cooperative board game coming from Z-Man Games.

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