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Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau

What a crazy week. Monday off. Tuesday in the office. Wednesday and Thursday at home because of the snow. Today's back in the office, as I checked the hill at the entrance to my place late Thursday an
We're chugging along, everyone. Wednesday is upon us. The weekend is coming ever-closer.Has the week gone by quickly for everyone else? It's been a fast start for me. And with several new proofing pro
This week feels like it's going by quickly. I was waking up this morning and went, "whoah... it's already Wednesday." Seems those podcasts are helping. Either that, or it's because I'm pretty busy ove
And so we start winding down this long, holiday weekend. Soon it'll be back to the office. But we'll always have the memories of another Thanksgiving. I hope you had a chance to go and spend some time
Well, what a week we've had, eh?Lotsa big stuff going on, not least of which is the apparent return of specialty games to GW. I look forward to where that will lead. In the meantime, you can expect a
Well, we're making our way through the week. My week has been...So yeah, we're making our way through the week. Let's get you some bite-sized stories that we've come across recently.In today's batch w
Congratulations for surviving another work week. The entire weekend looms before us, full of possibilities. With any luck, you've got some gaming in mind. I'll be taking photos of a bunch of my figure
Ratgard gives you some pulling power with the release of their Ratshilovitz tractor model.SourceFrom the release:Ratshilovitz is a mid-sized tractor, derived from the Remodulelizable All Terrain vehic
Ratgard is showing off previews of their new Ratsholovitz tractor and the track pieces you can get separately.Ratgard 1Ratgard 2 SourceFrom the preview:Hi, here’s Ratgrad’s latest update. This time we
Ratgard is having a sale in their webshop on their R.A.T. customization kit.SourceFrom the announcement:R.A.T (Remodulelizable All Terrain) platform is the universal chassis of This is a
Ratgard now has their Cargo-R.A.T. Heavy carrier available for sale over on their website.SourceFrom the release:The Cargo-R.A.T Heavy Carrier is a tracked truck based on Remodulelizable All Terrain v
Ratgard Miniatures is showing off a bunch of preview photos of their upcoming R.A.T. Heavy Carrier they're working on. It's a pretty big model.SourceFrom the preview:Remodulelizable All Terrain vehicl
Ratgad Miniatures Design Bureau has released their new Kirov Airship. They're also running a nice special in honor of spring being sprung.From the announcement:The Kirov Airships are revered by the so
Ratgard has a new turret upgrade kit to make your Chimeras have a little more bite to them. Check it out.From the release:Owl Self-Propelled Gun is an resin conversion set for Imperial Guard Chimera,
Senji Studios reviews Ratguard Minis Design Bureau of their Hedgehog AA weapon system after-market upgrade for GW's Chimera kits.From the review:Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau is one of many compani
Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau previews their 10th Anniversary Model:From their announcement:This is the souvenir for 10 years anniversary of, will be sold in December Pre-painted, an
Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau is offering an Autumn discount on several of their products. From their announcement: It’s autumn now, time to harvest. You may have wheat, corn (rat’s corn does matu
Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau have posted a preview of their upcoming Kriov Airship model. From their announcement: The Kriov Airship is the 10th anniversary of Mycnc(Conqueror) - the Biggest a
Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau have released their IFV Hull Extra Armor Upgrade Set. From their announcement: The Ratgard IFV Hull Extra Armor Upgrade Set comes with 12 pieces of resin parts. Inc
Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau have released the HB Figure Case MK II. From their announcement: HB Figure Case MK II have Polyester Canvas exterior and Hard Plastic inserts in each side of the ca