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Random Encounters

Sometimes you want to RP but you don't have a DM around in order to run the campaign. Well, that's annoying. What happens if you also don't want to set up a big game board and all the extra tokens and such that goes with it? That could bring your gaming night to a halt right there. But that's where Random Encounters comes in. It's an RPG in a card game.
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The week is coming to an end. Hopefully if you were at Gen Con last weekend, you've managed to get back into the "regular swing" of things. Just yesterday I was able to get through the last few lingering e-mails that'd backed up over the week I was away. Now to cruise into a nice weekend of... well, I plan on cooking. Red beans & rice, maybe some Italian beef... I want to make a pumpkin pie with squash mousse as well... We'll see how much of that I actually get through. Anyone that wants to come over and taste-test is welcome.

Speaking of bite-size morsels, we've got a collection of news stories that fit that description as well.

This time around we have: Year Two Collection released at The Ion Age, The Fiver with Joshua Garrett on Designing Random Encounters, New Female elven guardian by Brother Vinni, New Tokens and Templates from Sally 4th and Final Days for Casual Game Insider Magazine on Kickstarter.