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Ral Partha Europe

Friday is once again upon us. Gateway to the weekend. So many possibilities. I'm as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Making all sorts of things in prep for tomorrow's MST3K binge party. I hate to go to a gathering empty-handed, so I'm making brownies, cookies, and prepping stuff so I can make nachos and Swedish meatballs while there. Like I said, hate to be empty-handed. But while I'm making those bite-sized treats, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Two New Tank Turrets Available From Ramshackle Games, Tor Gaming Announces Their Affiliate Program, Circle of Blood from Last Bullet Games Coming To Kickstarter, Path of Light and Shadow Coming To Kickstarter, Final Days for Wreck Age Kickstarter, and Fluff Preview Posted For The Drowned Earth.

The week marches on. We're through the first half and headed towards the finish. Just gotta make it 2.5 more days and it'll be the weekend once more. The first couple days have been sort of a mixed bag. Hopefully things will smooth out for everyone and we can make it to Saturday intact. We should also be sure to fill up on bite-sized gaming stories, and that's just what we've got for you now.

Today on the platter we have: New Dwarf Miniatures Available From Ral Partha Europe, Khurasan releases really big mammoth, KaYo Miniatures Launches Kickstarter for Adventure RPG miniatures, Final Days for Full Captain On Kickstarter, Fantasy Men at Arms and Peasants released at Alternative Armies, Custom Dice Trays Available From Kentucky Sawdust, and New Skull Drones Available From Kromlech.

We've made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it's halfway through the workday. It's like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month, too. Then it'd be the Wednesday of the month on the Wednesday of the week on the Wednesday of the hour.
... or maybe I'm just taking things too far now.

Anyway, we've got another bunch of bite-sized stories we've collected.

This installment we have: The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic about Tesla vs. Edison, Kromlech gives you the bird, New 2mm Coastal Items from Brigade Models, Special Deal on Pulp Figures from Sally 4th, Pretty Pretty Pictures & Shipping Update for Super Dungeon Explore, MiniWorlds: Finally Mini-Texture arrived, Dies Irae news from Tercio Creativo, Rebel Minis Releases More 15mm Pulp Packs, Ral Partha Europe Miniatures Sci-fi Amphibians kickstarter now live, New Print-and-Play Cedar Mountain Board Game from Wargame Shop, Mage Company Previews 12 Realms: bedtime Story Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases new sandy desert theme mats, Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter launches, Embers Design Studios Launches The City of Brass web-based tabletop RPG app Kickstarter, 15mm Fantasy Buildings pre-order offer at, Open Combat hits initial funding level, and the Figopedia now available from Figone.

Ral Partha Europe has their first batch of Goblin Aid models available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Despite the presence over Liverpool of a large glowing yellow orb that tv news presenters have labelled 'the sun' we have managed to get the first GoblinAid releases into production. These figures have been sculpted by some of the best in the business in order to raise money for their colleague and friend Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams.
More information about the GoblinAid project can be found on our site and on the dedicated facebook page.
Once Vat and raw material costs have been accounted for, all proceeds from the sale of these figures will go directly to Kev himself to aid him on his road to recovery.
All miniatures come packaged with a GoblinAid insert listing all the sculptors involved.

Ral Partha Europe expands their 15mm Fantasy line with several new warbands available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Just released are the first warbands for our BlightHaven setting. The miniatures are taken from the Demonworld and Empires ranges, and will ultimately grow to include new miniatures and scenic accessories.
BH001 - Orc Marauders (10)
BH002 - Barbarian Warriors (10)
BH003 - Dwarven Warmachine with three crew
BH004 - Beastmen Raiders (10)
BH005 - Dragon Fledgling and Mistress
BH006 - Skeleton Warband (12)

For simplicity, every pack will be priced at £5.00, and contain a warband made up of different miniatures.

Also available are the first accessories, as used in the pictured diorama:
BA001 - Door - £1.75
BA002 - Door with Surround - £2.00

Recent additions to the store also include our first pack of Kev Adam's new 15mm Lizardmen, (as well as a load of his vintage Heartbreaker Goblins and dwarves.)

Ral Partha Europe has a whole smattering of releases for October. Go check 'em out.

From the update:

We have a huge batch of Demonworld releases this month, bringing the full Dwarf and Thain ranges back into production!
Ral Partha Europe lets your goblins get around in style with their new Garganoid Crawling Fortress.

From the release:
Just added to the Goblin range-
4721 Gargantoid - Goblin Crawling Fortress £30.00

Mobile goblin wartower mounted on a massive tarantula.
This is one of the biggest Demonworld kits we produce, consisting of :
Huge Spider 13pcs
Tower 5pcs
Spears 6pcs
Goblin Crew consisting of 2 spear teams, 2 archers and 1 commander.
Pewter model weighing245g
It's huge!

Ral Partha has released new goblins for Demonworld. And they're on bugs.

From the update:

Following on from our previous batch of releases for Dwarves we have some miniatures for another
vertically challenged race- the Goblins! As you can see from the list there is something of an
insectoid flavour to this batch. The giant creepy crawlies are all available separately and could be used
with 28mm miniatures just as well as 15mm, they could also see service in fantasy games or science fiction.
Ral Partha has aliens amongst them! It's ok, they made them. This is the new Scyphozoan.

From the release:

Multi part alien kit. Body, carapace, tail, 2 claw tentacles and 2 sucker tentacles. Suitable for use with 15mm or 28mm figures

Ral Partha Europe releases the first batch of Dark Elf 15mm figures for Demonworld:

From their website:

The first batch of Dark Elf 15mm figures for Demonworld are on sale now-
4801 Dark Elf Warriors (32) £13.00
4801A Dark Elf Warriors (10) £4.50
4801B Dark Elf Warrior Command £2.00
4802 Dark Elf Spearmen (32) £13.00
4802A Dark Elf Spearmen (10) £4.50
4803 Dark Elf Crossbows (32) £13.00
4803A Dark Elf Crossbows (10) £4.50
4808 Dar’Nagathor Shadow Blades (6) £4.00
4811 Dark Elf Golem Warriors (3) £6.00
4812 Dor’Beldris Sisters of Blood (24) £10.00
4812A Dor’Beldris Sisters of Blood (10) £4.50
4813 Dor’Beldris Gadar Circle of Blood (12) £ 5.00
4816 Bel’Nidres – The Glowing Shadows (12) £ 5.00
4821 The Singing Death -Ballista £5.00

More releases for all races to follow in the coming months...
Ral Partha Europe announces it's first releases for the New Year:

From their website:

Our final release for 2011 is the first batch of Demonworld Goblins-
4701 Goblin Warriors (48) £16.00
4701A Goblin Warriors (12) £4.50
4702 Goblin Archers (48) £16.00
4702A Goblin Archers (12) £4.50
4703 Goblin Cave Fighters (40) £16.00
4703A Goblin Cave Fighters (10) £4.50
4704 Spider Hunters (20) £16.00
4704 Spider Hunters (5) £4.50
4705 Running Spears (21) £16.00
4705A Running Spears (5) £4.50
4706 War Turtles (40) £22.00
4706A War Turtles (5) £3.00
4711 Desert Flea Riders (8) £14.00
4711A Desert Flea Rider £2.00
4711B Giant Flea £1.75
4719 Goblin Horridus £8.00
4719A Giant Beetle £6.00
4720 Goblin Trogulidus £8.00
4720A Giant Stag Beetle £6.00
More 15mm to follow throughout 2012

A Happy New Year from the RPE team!
Ral Partha Europe have added the first release for the Warlords of Thain to their site:

From their announcement:

4501 Archers (40) 16.00
4501A Archers (10) 4.50
4502 Skirmishers (40) 16.00
4502A Skirmishers (10) 4.50
4503 Spearmen (40) 16.00
4503A Spearmen (10) 4.50
4504 Warriors (40) 16.00
4504A Warriors (10) 4.50
4505 Savage Warriors (40) 16.00
4505A Savage Warriors (10) 4.50
4521 Wolf Spirits (3) 5.00
4521A Wolf Spirit 2.00
4522 Eagle Spirits (3) 5.00
4522A Eagle Spirit 2.00
4523 Bear Spirits (3) 5.00
4523A Bear Spirit 2.00
4524 Boar Spirits (3) 5.00
4524A Boar Spirit 2.00
4525 Mountain Lion Spirits (3) 5.00
4525A Mountain Lion Spirit 2.00
4526 Banner of the High King 4.50
4528 Heroes and Commanders (5) 3.50

There are some excellent Celtic/barbaric figures in this range that could easily be used in historical gaming aswell as fantasy. We hope to have the first batch of Goblins on sale before Christmas.
ElvesRal Partha Europe have added more 15mm Demonworld figures to their online store. From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce the first release of Elves for Demonworld. Releases include Wood elf archers, spearmen and skirmishers, High elf infantry and Dragon Rider, Unicorn and Pegasus cavalry.
Ral Partha Europe is offering some Holiday Weekend Specials. From their announcement:
We have some fantastic deals on books for the bank holiday weekend, running until August 31st. Get the Classic Battletech Master Rules Hardback for only £5. If you have ever wanted to give Battletech a try this is an ideal way to give it a go for a bargain price. Other Battletech books are on sale too, along with some amazing offers on Shadowrun RPG products.
Ral Partha Europe have added the first Demonworld Isthak releases to their online store. Isthak figures From their announcement:
The first releases for 'The Icelords of Isthak' are now available- featuring Ice witches, gargoyle riders, skeletons, zombies and beastmen. Also added to our catalogue are more codes for the Orcs- archers, spearbearers, skirmishers and trolls.
Ral Partha Europe have posted details of the latest releases for the 15mm Demonworld fantasy game. Empire figure From their announcement:
The second release of Empire miniatures are now available along with downloadable versions of the Rules and Army books. Coming next week are the first wave of releases for the Icelords of Isthak- Beastmen, Zombies, Skeletons and Ice Witches.
Ral Partha Europe has acquired the Demonworld fantasy miniature range. From their announcement:
RPE miniatures & Games are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Demonworld range of 15mm miniatures. We plan to bring the entire range back into production and re-release the rules and supplements that were available for the game. This stunning range of miniatures has been out of production for more than 5 years and we are thrilled to be making it available once more.