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The invasion of Normandy was one of the most important events in the 20th century. Soon, you'll be able to recreate those pivotal days on your tabletops with Ultracombat Normandy. Dishdash Games is br
When it comes to skirmish miniatures games, there's a bunch of sci-fi ones. There's fewer, but still a decent number of fantasy ones as well. But if you're looking for modern military, it's a little h
Not every operation that the military does is going to be known to the public. There's all sorts of deeply covert missions going on all the time using teams of super-highly-trained soldiers. These var
With the zombie apocalypse, there's bound to be those that haven't yet been eaten or infected. There wouldn't be much of a story otherwise. You'd just have zombies milling around going, "braaaaaaains.
I bless the rains down in Africa.Or maybe I don't, since I'm not a part of Toto (even if I do feel love isn't always on time). Radio Dishdash has released Skirmish Afrika, their new modern African mil
Hello there, Wednesday. How are you? I see you've brought the Guns 'N' Roses weather back with you. And while I know I'm in the minority here in Atlanta when I say, "woo! Rain!" I don't care. I enjoy
Radio Dishdash and Skirmish Sangin is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Day of the Rangers (also called Maalintii Rangers) and a new figure range they're calling Gothic Serpent. The new book is f
Gen Con is a very popular place for game companies to release new games. They've got thousands and thousands of gamers right there, all looking out for something new to try out, and with a mentality t
Here we are again. Half-through with the week. With any luck, you've had some gaming opportunities. Or at the very least, have some coming up. Looks like I've got D&D again this weekend. Should be a g
Friday is once more upon us. I hope you've got plans for gaming over the next couple days, be it FNM, some miniatures action, or maybe an RPG or two. I've got some projects on my desk to work on in th
Radio Dishdash has the second issue of their Sangin Despatches available over in their webshop for your reading pleasure.SourceIn this issue:Sangin Depatches No. 2 will be available this coming weeken
The Phalanx Consortium will be at Historicon and will be your exclusive place to pick up Skirmish Sangin from Radio Dishdash.SourceFrom the announcement:The Phalanx Consortium would like to announce t
Model Dads has a video review of Skirmish Sangin from Radio Dishdash up.SourceFrom the review:With the recent release of Sangin Dispatches No. 1, we take a retrospective at Skirmish Sangin
Skirmish Sangin has released their first Sangin Dispatch, a supplement to the game adding more options.SourceFrom the release:Radio Dishdash Publishing has the pleasure to announce their next book San
Radio Dishdash has a blog now for Skirmish Sangin game updates and other such fun things.SourceFrom the announcement:Radio Dishdash have launched a new blog to support their game Skirmish Sangin. It i
Skirmish Sangin is now available for your Aussies and Brits who'd like to get in on some modern warfare action.From the announcement:We are pleased to announce that Skirmish Sangin is now available in
Radio Dishdash has some new 28mm New Zealanders and Australians available over in their webshop.From the release:Radio Dishdash has launched our first set of figures, a 4 x 28mm NZ/Australian modern s
Radio Dishdash brings you Skirmish Sangin, their latest release, portraying the military situation in Afghanistan.From the release:SKIRMISH SANGIN is a new set of skirmish rules for wargaming modern A