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Quined Games

Quined Games has announced their next board game project. It's a new Euro-style game called Terramara, where players take on the role of village chiefs. Lead your clans as you develop technologies, pr
I actually have a secret love for interior design. I can get caught up for hours playing around with room arrangements in Sims 4. So, with that in mind, it sounds like Quined Games' La Stanza is right
Quined Games has a whole load of things they're planning on bringing to Spiel. You've already seen a couple announcements, now their third is a new edition of Firenze. Those that've been waiting for t
Money doesn't grow on trees. But it can be printed on a press. It puts a whole new spin on "making money." In Counterfeiters, players take on the role of the titular criminals and must produce and pas
The Arioi, a group of Polynesians group of Polynesians practicing a secret religion are all looking to become the new High Priest. In order to curry the favor of their god Oro, they are trying to buil
Quined Games has been working hard over in their game labs, coming up with their next set of releases. Q2 will see two new releases. The first is Carson City - The Card Game, their next entry in their