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Quick and Easy Games

Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff. Most people I know like free stuff. How about a free set of miniatures game rules? That'd be pretty sweet, right? But who just gives away miniatures game rules? Quick and Easy Games is who. For the month of June, you can pick up their Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets rules set for free from their website.
Quick and Easy Games has released their new sci-fi game, Ground Pounders. They're selling it pretty cheap, too.


From the release:

As great space fleets pound each other to slag , the men and women of the infantry still slug it out on the planets. So watch your back, trooper, this is a fight for the Ground Pounders!
Quick and Easy Games only has Star Run up on their website for free for the rest of August. Why not get yourself a copy?



From them to you:

There's less than ten days left in the month of August. That means there's less than ten days to get your FREE PDF download of the space opera RPG Star Run! When September first rolls around the pay-wall goes back up! Get your free science fiction RPG at while you still can.

Quick & Easy Games will be running a special 4th of July giveaway over on their website this Friday.



From the announcement:

From 12:00 am until 11:59 pm on July 4, 2014, Quick and Easy Games will give away a free download of the novel Tales of The Screaming Eagle with every purchase of any game item! Tales of The Screaming Eagle is the number one book by Clayton J. Callahan set in the universe of the Star Run role playing game. Action! Adventure! Excitement! It all takes place in The Screaming Eagle- the best bar in the galaxy!

Quick and Easy Games is working to update their catalog to electronic form. Their most recent is The Gamer's Guide to the Military.



From the update:

As part of their efforts to get the entire Quick and Easy Games catalog into the 21st century, they now offer The Gamer’s Guide to The Military as a PDF download.

To be honest, they probably should have done this sooner. After all, this book has been their best seller so far and is the inspiration to the upcoming Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Professions (soon to be released by Sky Warrior Books). It’s been through one reprint already and is quite a hit. Gamers use it to get inspiration in the realms of strategy and tactics, to best their opponents on the game table. Cosplayers have held it up as a resource for military insignia and to give depth to their characters. And writers have used it for insight into how the military world really works. History, culture, and Army and Navy traditions are given in a straight forward style in this highly useful book.

Quick and Easy Games has posted up Gordon's Guide to the Star Run Universe.


From the release:

Quick And Easy Games is now pleased to offer “Gordon’s Guide to the Confederation” in PDF format! This is a project that we have worked hard at; consolidating EVERYTHING from the role-playing game, and the novels, into one quick reference. It has maps, timelines, planetary data and inspirational game ideas—all in one 37-page book. It’s the perfect companion to Star Run, the fast moving game of high space adventure.

Quick and Easy Games now has their Star Run sci-fi RPG game available in .pdf format.


From the announcement:

Quick And Easy Games is now offering their flagship game, Star Run, as a PDF download. Star Run is a set of simple, straight forward space opera rules for paper and pencil role playing. Set in the universe of “The Great Confederation of Mankind,” players are free to create human or alien characters as they explore the vast beyond or just look for a good spaceport bar. The rules provide for a cinematic reality where action moves fast and furious. At only 47 pages Star Run leaves nothing out and packs a lot in; star ships, laser weapons, cyborg tech, and even old fashioned bows and arrows are covered. In short, anything your science fiction loving heart desires is now available for just $8.50.

Just go to and look under “Our catalog” then click on the icon for the PDF version, and it will be e-mailed you within 24 hours. It’s a great way to get you started in the fantastic universe of fun and adventure.

Quick and Easy Games brings you Star Run, a new RPG system.

From the release:

STAR RUN takes place in a Universe of star-spanning heroes and worlds of adventure. The Azainti War is over, and man is re-discovering the lost colonies of the Sleeper Ship Era. The Great Confederation of Mankind is the only force that knits humanity together, but the galaxy is a big place to police. Can you and your band of space veterans survive in this rough and tumble cosmos? Or are you one laser blast from oblivion?
Quick and Easy Games has a new game for you. This one's Trans-Dimensional Pizza.
Which sounds a lot like something the guys over at The Whiteboard webcomic would come up with.

From the release:

Have you ever considered TRANS-DIMENSIONAL PIZZA for your summer job? Sure, it’s minimum wage and the hours suck, but you get to meet some really interesting people. Like the time we delivered to Mordor…

Since the beginning of gamer time,game folks have been ordering out pizza to be delivered to their group. But isn’t that a bit selfish? What about our poor characters that are doing all the hard work? Wouldn’t it be great if they could order a pizza, and have it arrive just as the evil wizard is about to reveal his plans. Face it, it would be awesome!
Quick and Easy Games has a new minis game out there for you. Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets is now available over in their webshop.

From the release:

It’s here and it’s awesome, Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets. Twenty five pages of full color coolness that cover every possible historical era in human history. This is the ultimate quick and easy set of skirmish level rules for HO scale model soldiers. Fast moving and open ended, this game beats all other competitors with a spiked stick.

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit biased; I did write the thing after all. To be honest though, I have been playing miniature war games for thirty years and have never found a simple set of realistic rules that I could adapt to any historical era of my fancy. I would often buy other people’s rules and, after a few slow and awkward games, I would soon modify them to be simpler and more realistic. About fifteen years ago I abandoned that method and just wrote my own rules from scratch. They were called Wargamer’s HO, as in HO scale but in retrospect the title wasn’t the best choice.

However, they were rules that anybody could learn in less than and hour and be played with the lowest costing and most commonly available model soldiers available. As such they were a huge success and a lot of fun in the bargain.

Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets is that game with great cover art by Alex McKechnie, and full color photos of the models used in the game (and a much better title).

Quick and Easy Games is here to help if you want to know how various military establishments around the world work with their new Guide to the Military.

There are a lot of situations where gamers portray soldiers or spaceship crewmen, and have no clue how the military actually works. This may sound like no big deal if you aren’t going for realism. However, without some fundamental knowledge, gamers have a hard time keeping things consistent. That inconsistency can become really frustrating. So we published this book to save you from that.

Clayton Callahan has a Bachelors in Social Studies Education with a minor in History. He drew on that background to describe Roman and Medieval armies and navies; that can be used as a structure for any fantasy game. He also served in the US Navy as part of an anti-terrorist, special weapons team in the middle east back in the 1980s. More recently he served with the US Army in Iraq as part of an engineer battalion. Obviously, the guy knows some things about how the military ACTUALLY works.

Using this understanding, he wrote our short simple book to guide gamers through the world of all things military. What is the difference between an Army sergeant and an Army officer? What is a good way to lay an ambush? How are the Marines different from the Army’s Special Forces? Why are terrorists often attacking civilian targets? Who outranks who, an Air Force Captain or a Navy Commander? Buy the book and you will know the answers.

It has lots of ideas to get you started on your military role playing campaign. We have also met writers who used it to help them craft their stories. At a panel at Orycon it was held up by one of the speakers as a great reference for science fiction costume design.

If you are struggling to understand any aspect of military culture this is a great place to start. It’s only 31 pages but it might be the only military reference you ever need.