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Quantum Gothic

Hello there, beautiful TGN readers. And welcome once more to Saturday. Hopefully you're getting some gaming in, or are going to be getting some gaming in at some point today. It seems only right.Let u
Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going well. My Saturday was spent with some good friends that I don't get to see nearly enough, talking about glorious moments from games past, listening to some h
TGN is happy to have some great reviewers we can call on to check out items we get into the office. We're also happy to get a first look at a new company's products. This review combines both, as the
We've made it to another Wednesday. The previous weekend is as far away as the next one is. Some comment about camels.Hopefully the week has been treating you well.Anyway, we've got some of those bite
Quantum Gothic has their first ever 32mm mini available to pre-order over in their webshop. The first of their Dogs of War line, this sci-fi mini can be used as a substitute model for several game lin
Quantum Gothic has their website back up and running, plus they have a new piece of terrain to show off the Power Generator.And the news in the raw:The Quantum Gothic website and shop are now finally
Senji Studios have posted a review of the Quantum Gothic Armoured Gate terrain piece.
Quantum Gothic have posted a preview of their 28mm sci-fi terrain releases for April 2011. From their announcement: Junk Barricades Highly detailed junk section barricades : Straight section 99 mm