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By this time next week, multitudes of gamers will be converging on Indianapolis, ready for the start of Gen Con the next day. Yeah, we're a week and a day away from the start of the show. Though, many
This has been quite a week. Deadlines. The website acting up. Just lots going on. I'm very much ready for the weekend. Tomorrow I'm headed up to the LGS to pick up a Guild Ball figure they got in for
It has been a busy week.Work has been full of time working on (redacted). I can't wait until I can tell you all about it. Other than that, I'm making pizza tonight. And by that, I mean I made my own s
It's the last day of November. We're 11/12s of the way through the year. We just might make it after all.Actually, I'm looking forward to this weekend. It should be a good time, as they generally are.
Well, it seems like it took about 5 weeks to get here, but Friday is finally upon us. It felt like it took 5 weeks to me, anyway. Hopefully your week went by a lot more quickly, as postponing the week
Woo! Friday! Woo!Most of my friends are talking about Star Wars. I've not seen it yet. Perhaps sometime soon. But it is cool to see how integrated into the mainstream our "geeky" culture has become. N
Pyrkol helps you know one objective from another with their new numbered objective markers.SourceFrom the release:Each Objective marker is composed of 1 arrow and 1 acrylic base, the arrow is meant to
Pyrkol helps keep you warm on these chilly, autumn nights with their new flame templates.Ok, so they won't really keep you warm.SourceFrom the release:The new 3 Inch, 5 Inch and flame templates are th
Pyrkol helps you keep track of who and what's on fire with their new Micro Fire Markers.SourceFrom the release:Designed for the 6mm battlefield, these markers represent incoming fire.They come in pack
Pyrkol helps you keep track of your shields left on your minis with their new Shields Down tokens.SourceFrom the release:Best used as a cinematic way to represent units that have lost their shields, t
Pyrkol has some new crashed plane markers they're showing off.SourceFrom the announcement:We have new products and finally WW2!These are the new WW2 Crashed Plane Markers, so you can honor your downed
Pyrkol has some more acrylic markers for you. This time it's crashed WWI planes.SourceFrom them to you:Each indicator was designed to represent a shot down plane, and therefore is engraved with the Al
Pyrkol created some new acrylic fire and smoke indicators and has them available via their eBay shop.SourceFrom the announcement:For us each indicator is a design challenge.The indicators can be separ