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Pyre Studios

Pyre Studios will be coming out with some new Encounter Dice soon. These have a Mythos theme to them.


From the announcement:

I’m pleased to announce that in addition to the nascent ranges 2014 will also be a year of eldritch horror. Building on the success of the Encounter Dice Kickstarter I am going to release a small range of Encounter Dice inspired by the mythos works of H.P. Lovecraft. Initially focusing on three sets of six dice which will assist GMs in coming up with concepts that can be used in their campaigns. These are:

The Cult set allows you to roll up the core info for a cult quickly. Includes dice to define the deity worshiped, the enforcers of the cult, ritual weapons and minor artifact used, the hidden sanctuary and the cults base
The Ritual set gives you the key concepts for an encounter that the players either happen upon or perhaps have to stop. Includes dice to define the location and time of the ritual, the sacrifice and major artifact used within the ritual and finally the cultists and horrific beasts that are present
Investigators and NPCs set can be uses to quickly roll up character concepts for both player and non-player characters. Includes dice to help define the race and social position of the characters together with where they are from/encounters and what their motivations are. Of course you can also define the weaponry available to them in their fight.

The artist, Melanie Tranchemontagne, has already done an amazing job on converting the brief into stunning pieces of art as can be seen below. These are WIP images from each of the dice in the Cult set.

Pyre Studios got their Encounter Dice funded over on Kickstarter. Now they're taking pre-orders for them over on their regular website.


From the announcement:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the NPC Pack, funded via Kickstarter, is now available in limited numbers for pre-order. In addition I have also made eight individual dice, currently in production, available.

Please note that they will be shipped from the 14th of December as I will be fulfilling Backer rewards until that point. Pre-orders should therefore be in UK and EU destinations in time for Christmas. Regrettably I can not guarantee delivery in time for those in ROW destinations

Pyre Studios have created a new tool for DMs/GMs to help create NPCs on the fly during games via their new Encounter Dice. They're looking for funding over on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

What are they?

Simply put; dice with full colour RPG tropes on them that allow you to quickly and inventively generate NPCs, characters, adventures, items, treasure, locales, monsters, bosses etc...

In our initial set, the focus of this campaign, we have a set of six dice covering the following concepts/characters and items; Race, Class, Alignment, Weaponry, Armour and Loot. With these dice you can create NPC archetypes for your party to encounter and also add a character’s demeanour, intent and with the “item” dice add some variety to chests, drop treasure etc…

Pyre Studios is taking down names for their first ever miniature. It was successfully funded via Indiegogo and now is available to you!

From the announcement:

After a successful crowd funding campaign and a crash course in sculpting, casting and packaging the first miniature from Pyre Studios is available for pre-order. It has certainly been a learning experience and I want to thank not only the funders but Carlos, Olivier and Alan for getting the miniature into production

Haar 1.1 Cambric Goayin is a 32mm miniature and the first of 12 from series 1 of our Haar Range. The miniature is available directly from Pyre Studios.

Pyre Studios has a pre-order going on for their Cambric miniature from their Indiegogo campaign.

From the update:

I have received emails from quite a few people wishing to “buy into” the Cambric miniature even though the Indiegogo campaign is now closed. Initially reluctant I have now decided to make a limited number available for those who missed them first time around. This has been cleared with the original Indiegogo contributors.

Instead of making all of the perks available I have selected four which will be treated as discounted “pre-order”. These will be classed as part of the production run rather than the Indiegogo run and will contain different certificates.

These are discounted against the RRP of the retail product by between 35%-75% and include free worldwide shipping.

Pyre Studios posted up the finished green for their first Haar Miniature with still a little over a day on Indiegogo to fully fund it.

From the update:

The “green” for the 32mm Cambric miniature was finished this morning and I couldn’t be happier with it. Olivier, the sculptor, has captured both the look and feel of the character I was trying to achieve perfectly. Here are a couple of shot of the final sculpt including the component breakdown.

There are still a couple of days for contributions to be made and I really hope that we make it otherwise the miniature schedule will be on a much longer time frame. I’ve added in a couple of larger perks covering bundle deals for the 12 miniatures in planned for Series 1. If you get a chance have a look at and give us a little pressie for Christmas … we’ll give you a pressie back in February!

Pyre Studios is in their last week on Indiegogo getting the first Haar miniature funded. They've got a bit to go, but with a nearly-completed green and concept art for the next mini, they could very well do it.

From the update:

It’s the final week of our indiegogo campaign for the first of the Haar miniatures. We’re very excited to see the miniature finally being sculpted, image below. We’ve also just finished the concept for the second miniature which is currently sitting as the $3,000 goal. Fingers crossed that we’ll reach it, Christmas miracles and all that!

Many thanks to all who have supported the project either by contributing to it or spreading the word..

Pyre Studios has started an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund the first (and hopefully more) of their new Haar Miniature line.

From the campaign:

We’re delighted to announce that Pyre Studios is getting ready to release its first in-house product, the Haar miniatures line. Hovering somewhere between Heroic 28 and 30mm the miniatures will encapsulate characters from our own IP, the Kharybdis Archipelago. A continent sized collections of islands recovering from a devastating war. We’ve christened the style Woodpunk being that they are steampunk without the steam.

To give this the best chance at success we’ve started what seems to the obligatory crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo. Why not pop over and see what we have planned?

Twilight Miniatures announce October Releases:

From their quote:

World of Twilight's October releases add reinforcements for both the Empire and the Delgon.
The Empire is joined by Danomar the Oathbreaker, his Knights of Relan and a Captain for the Herder Slingers.
The Delgon can now field the rather menacing KalGush, his primitive flamethrower releasing noxious gasses and gouts of flame in equal measure.

All these models are available from Pyre Studios and can be used in the World of Twilight fantasy skirmish game.
Pyre Studios is opening a brick and mortar retail space. From their announcement:
Pyre Studios has made a bid to break the 4th wall of online retail by leasing trade space at a brick and mortar store. Black Lion Games, the long time bastion of Scottish gaming, will play host to our range from Saturday the 11th of June. We are very grateful to Liam and the crew at BLG for their help and support. There will be a constant stock of all of our ranges in store together with enough space to run demos, leagues and tournaments. This segues nicely into the 2 days of product demos we’ll be running in store on the 11th and 12th of June, Imaginatively christened the Weekend of Demos we will be running games for Heavy Gear Arena, MERCS and Warlands in 20 – 40 min slots. If you are interested in coming along for a game or even just a chat please drop me a line at for more details
World of Twilight are now available at Pyre Studios. From their announcement:
I am excited to announce that World of Twilight has branched out with a new stockist – Pyre Studios. Pyre Studios is a small webstore owned by Darren Barber that is specialising in interesting skirmish scale games and it seems like a natural home for Twilight. Darren also won me over by painting a large number of Fubarnii Herders for the demo game at Salute. Pyre now stocks most of the range, including a couple of new releases that have only been available directly until now. The new releases include 'Of Gods and Demons' (the second book), and the Belan (the first resin model in the range).
A new online store, Pyre Studios, is opening in Edinburgh, Scotland. From their announcement:
It is with great pride that I announce the launch of Pyre Studios, a new retail venture based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Initially set up as a painting service some 2 years ago Pyre Studios is now diving into the realms of retail. Wearing the badge of a boutique store we are dedicated to promoting skirmish wargames of all genres. Our initial three lines went live today: Heavy Gear Arena, MERCS and Warlands. Twilight will follow at the start of May. Over the next 6-12 months we will be bringing more wargames into our store. These will largely be imports and new-to-market games but we do have a soft spot for some of the more established games around at the moment. Rather than operate a fire-and-forget web store we are currently in discussions with LGSs to lease space for demos and product support events. Leagues and tournaments figure largely into our plans for the foreseeable future. As always our painting service continues unabated. For more information, please visit our web site at