Puppet Wars

Open Beta Test for Puppet Wars from Wyrd happening now

Wyrd is switching Puppet Wars over to plastic and at the same time, updating the rules. They've got an open public beta testing going on right now.

As you may have heard in the rumors, Puppet Wars is changing over to plastic as well. Not only does this improve the quality of the figures, it will make the game cheaper as well! To go along with this Unstitched Edition, we've taken the opportunity to update and streamline the rules as well. However, that process isn't finished! We want you all involved!!

Coming to puppet-wars.com in the next few days will be the completely updated core rules, as well as puppet rules for you all to try out, and give us feedback on before it's set in stone. We're looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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September 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases

ACD Distributors have posted details of the September 2011 releases for Malifaux and Puppet Wars.
  • Malifaux Twisting Fates $35.00
  • Guild: Sonnia Criid - Alternative $10.50
  • Guild: Sonnia Criid Avatar/Conflagration $40.00
  • Arcanists: Kaeris Box Set $40.00
  • Arcanists: Soulstone Miner $15.00
  • Arcanists: Large Steampunk Arachnid $15.00

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Wyrd GenCon items available through Friday

Wyrd Miniatures is keeping their GenCon 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases online until Friday. From their website:
Because of the issues that arose due to the incredible level traffic on our web store over Gen Con, we have decided to keep all the Gen Con special items available until this Friday, August 12th. We want to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to order due to the traffic, but more importantly, we are going through each order to ensure that no mistakes slip through, no one misses out due to technical issues. Nathan is spending the entire week reviewing every issue that may have cropped up. Items that will remain on the Web Store include:
  • Nightmare Teddy
  • Dead Justice Box Set
  • 7 Avatars
  • 9 Alternate Masters

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