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Puppet Wars

Wyrd Miniatures has announced an expansion for Puppet Wars called Puppet Wars: Unstitched.From the announcement:Puppet Wars Unstitched includes forty-four high quality plastic models with amazing deta
Wyrd is switching Puppet Wars over to plastic and at the same time, updating the rules. They've got an open public beta testing going on right now.As you may have heard in the rumors, Puppet Wars is c
The Puppet Wars Facebook Page is having a contest to win a Pokey Viktoria or Hooded Rider (promo models not available in general until the next wave) by running P-wars demos.For more information, che
YouTube user Lalochezia42 has posted several videos exploring how to play the new Puppet Wars game from Wyrd Miniatures.
ACD Distributors have posted details of the September 2011 releases for Malifaux and Puppet Wars. Malifaux Twisting Fates $35.00 Guild: Sonnia Criid - Alternative $10.50 Guild: Sonnia Criid Avatar
Wyrd Miniatures is keeping their GenCon 2011 Malifaux and Puppet Wars releases online until Friday. From their website: Because of the issues that arose due to the incredible level traffic on our web
Wyrd Miniatures have announced the launch of their dedicated Puppet Wars website.
Wyrd Miniatures have posted details, including pricing, of the products that they will have available at Gen Con 2011. These products will also be available from their online store during the show.
A member of the Wyrd Miniatures forum has posted the contents for the upcoming Puppet Wars boardgame.
Wyrd Miniatures will be giving away three Puppet Wars expansion boxes once their Puppet Wars Facebook page goes over 300 Likes. Update: the page received more than 300 Likes and the contest details a
Wyrd Miniatures have posted a preview of a painted example of the Executioner Puppet from their upcoming Puppet Wars game.