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Pulp Monsters

Pulp Monsters, makers of Pulp City, has announced that they're teaming up with Kitbash Games in order to greatly expand their miniatures game range. This partnership will usher in an age of new update
For those looking to add some more super-powered figures to your collection, Pulp Monsters has the newest Pulp City releases available now over in their webshop. Whether it's some cyber-Russians, robo
November's almost over, but there's still some time to get the month's releases posted so you, the eagerly-awaiting public, can get a hold of them. Such is the case with the folks over at Pulp Monster
There a couple new releases available for Pulp City in the Pulp Monsters webshop. One's a high-flying cryptozoic creature (not actually from Cryptozoic, mind you). The other is a set of video game bit
With all the tensions with Russia the US has been experiencing lately, it's almost like the 80s are coming back again. Not that we're going to end up in another Cold War (hopefully... that would suck)
Pulp Monsters, makers of Pulp City loves their fans. They love you so much, they want you to be able to get their superhero and supervillain figures for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend. So th