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Proxie Models

Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay! The gateway to the weekend. Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the next couple days. I don't have anything specific lined up, but there's still plenty of time. At the very least, I'm thinking I want to make some brownies this weekend. Though I might throw in something a little special...
That being cayenne pepper. You know, I've heard a lot about mixing "heat" with "sweet" and am finally gonna give it a go. I'll let you know about the results.

Anyway, before we get to those tasty bites, we have some tasty bites here to deal with.

On today's platter we have: New Thousand Sons Legion Transfer Sheet From Forge World, Lead Adventure Miniatures Launches Astropolis Kickstarter, Terrible Kids Stuff Posts September New Releases, New Damage Trackers From Proxie Models, Syrinscape Releases Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role: Goblin Raid SoundPack, Code Orange Games Running Free Collision Model Giveaway Contest, Kromlech Weekend Promo: Jump Packs, Turncoat Games Running WWII Cavalry Kickstarter, and Sally 4th Posts Free Combat Patrol - Falklands War Supplement.

We're just chugging right along in the week. We've already made it back here to Wednesday. Hopefully the week has been treating you well.

As for us here, we've got another batch of bite-sized stories for your enjoyment to nibble on.

This time around there's: Iron Brigade New from All the King's Men, Vurt RPG Updates their Stretch Goals, Final Week for Lobotomy On Kickstarter, Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter - Croatoan Deeper Look, Arena Rex Emissaries Wanted, Proxie Models Releases New Card Game Tokens, 15mm Command Decision infantry for sale, Denizens of Galaxy III released at, and Dogmen of ruined Pudigrochumsberg coming for Flintloque.

Proxie Models has some new snap-fit wall sections available over in their webshop.
All we are is just another brick in the snap-fit wall section.


From the release:

A friend requested some game aids for his heroic games so we made up these plastic snap fit wall sections. The pack includes 24 total parts, including 4 destroyed sections.
Made in USA of hard styrene plastic.

Proxie Models released a new set of roadblock terrain pieces over in their webshop. Go check 'em out.


From the announcement:

This terrain pack contains 4 of the regular and 4 of the hardened road blocks. Good for scatter terrain. Made of hard styrene plastic in the US. Photos show figures for scale purposes only. Kit comes unpainted and unassembled. All for $10.

Proxie Models has some new sci-fi building parts available over in their webstore to spice up your tabletop games.

From the announcement:

Now available is a set of plastic flats for building a small pre-fab housing unit. The parts are reversable. Great for scratchbuilders and kit bashers. 28mm in scale. Figures in photo are for size purposes only.


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