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Project Z

Warlord Games will be taking limited orders of their Project Z miniatures horror game soon. Missed out on it last time? Want to know more about what it's about to decide if you want in? They're here t
Project Z originally launched in 2016. And though it was short lived, (no pun intended) there's nothing like a cult following for a zombie property. As such, Warlord Games is going to be running a ver
Zombies! Zombies everywhere! And boy, did they all stink.But, they're dead. Waddya expect? Well, the folks at Warlord Games are looking to spread the zombie plague out a bit by sending some your way.
Zombies are running amok in the streets. Resources are becoming more and more scarce as time goes on. The city has lots of opportunities to find what you might need, but there's also lots of opportuni
We've made it to Thursday, everyone.Is it just me or has the week sort of slowed to a halt? I think it's because next week's going to be a short one. As such, we have to make this week longer to compe
The zombies are on the loose. Supplies are getting scarce. It's every man for themselves. But in such difficult times, people will band together into gangs in order to increase the chances of survival
Well, Warlord Games recently posted the rules for Terminator: Genisys up online for free. As I mentioned then, I think it's great when gaming companies do something like that, as it gives people a cha
We've taken a decidedly horror-themed turn here now, as we move from ghosts to zombies. Warlord Games has begun taking pre-orders for Project Z, their new zombie skirmish miniatures game over in their
When Warlord Games took over being the exclusive worldwide distributor for Wargames Factory, they greatly expanded their catalog of possible minis to draw from when making games. Well, since Wargames