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Prodos Games

Prodos Games has started taking down names of those that want their Warzone Resurrection game as soon as it's released.From the announcement:So, Prodos Games' Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter is over
Prodos Games has added renders of their Pretorian Stalkers to their Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter campaign.From the update:The Praetorian Stalkers have been rendered (see below) and due to unforese
Prodos Games has 10 days left for their Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter and they've made it past 95k, unlocking the Capitol Orca.From the update:Warzone Resurrection has reached it's £95,000 stretch
Prodos Games keeps chugging along in their Warzone Kickstarter, but this update's mostly about rules. Who doesn't love to look at a new update of a rulebook? I know I do.From the update:Find the updat
Prodos Games is looking to cross the £90k mark probably sometime today. When they do, they'll add the Dark Legion Praetorian Behemoth to their Warzone campaign.From the update:The 4th announcement reg
Prodos Games has been busy over on their Kickstarter. They're getting close to their £85k stretch goal and have added on several... well... add-ons.From the update:Who doesn't love a canine or two in
Prodos Games keeps rolling along with their Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter. They've now announced that there will be the Eradicator Death-Droid available as part of the campaign.From the update:Prod
Warzone Resurrection has made it past their £70k stretch goal. Woot!From the update:Prodos Games' 'Warzone Resurrection' Kickstarter Project has reached it's £70,000 stretch goal. This means that the
Prodos Games has announced that they're coming out with the GBT 49 Grizzly Tank for Warzone Resurrection.From the release:Thanks to our friends, Small Impact Games for designing this iconic model for
Prodos Games has launched their official WarZone website. Go and check it out.From the launch:The Warzone Resurrection website is now live, check it out for background on the factions, regular uploads
Warzone, from Prodos Games, is doing rather well over on Kickstarter. They've posted up some new stretch goals. Can you help them reach them?From the update:Prodos Games have announced some new Stretc
Prodos Games now has an official forum where you can talk all things Warzone Resurrection.From the announcement:Prodos Games have officially announced their public forum! The public have been invited
Prodos Games looks to be bringing back Mutant Chronicles and Warzone.From the preview:Now what is this?! Are Warzone and Mutant Chronicles coming back?