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Prodos Games

May 1st. May Day. It's just a week away. And that's your last chance to get in on the big sale that Prodos is having for their Alien vs. Predator line going on in their webshop. It's the end of the li
I have to say, I love the look of the Predator. Always have. So when I see new designs for Predator minis coming out, I'm instantly interested. And that's certainly the case here. Prodos Games is taki
Haxtec Dragon Dice Tray
You've probably heard the saying, "you've got my heart in your hands" in some love song or bit of poetry or written in a sappy romance novel. Well, the Predator species tends to take sayings like that
Prodos Games has posted up a 3D render shot of the Tiger Dragons minis they're working on for Warzone: Resurrection.Source
Prodos Games has a few spots left for people that want to get in on the AVP game at Kickstarter prices.SourceFrom the post:Hi There!We have had a lot of interest in the Kickstarter Pre-order from peop
Geek of Spades has posted up a video review of Warzone: Resurrection. Watch and enjoy.SourceFrom the review:Spencer brings you an extra long review this time as he gushes over the return of his humble
Prodos Games is showing off a 3D render for their Alien Queen for the Alien vs. Predator Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:CONCEPT! Model will be supplied on a 80mm Base and will be approx 1
Prodos Games is showing off the £230k Stretch Goal for Alien vs. Predator over on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the update:Hi there folks! So we have smashed the last Stretch Goal and we can now announce the
Prodos Games has posted up their next stretch goal for Aliens Vs. predator and it's a biggie.SourceFrom the update:This is Rumour Control... Here are the facts. So we have CRUSHED the last few stretc
Prodos Games has a special stretch goal as one of the designers is expecting a new child.I don't think it'll burst out of his wife's chest, though.SourceFrom the update:As many of you know Mark (and w
Prodos Games is giving away a free model if you recommend a friend to their Alien Vs. Predator Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:So if you get a friend to pledge £75 or more and then post you
Prodos Games has launched their Alien vs. Predator Kickstarter campaign. It's already more than 2x funded, so check it out now. It's a rather short campaign, so don't rest too long on your laurels.Sou
Prodos Games announced a start date for their Aliens Vs. Predator Kickstarter. It's only a couple days away.Source
Prodos Games has announced an Alien vs. Predator miniatures game.Source
Prodos Games posted up this little sneak peek of the next project they're working on. Any guesses as to what it might be?SourceFrom the preview:Hot on the heels of Warzone Resurrection, Prodos Games h
Spud Tate posted another of his video reviews. This one's for the Max Steiner model from Mutant Chronicles.SourceFrom the review:Another review by spud on the fantastic line of minis from Prodos games
Prodos Games gives us a look at the sculpts for their Juggernauts for WarZone Resurrection.Source
Prodos Games has announced their first ever WarZone Resurrection Convention. Will you be there?SourceFrom the announcement:The Inaugural WarZone Resurrection Convention-Meet the minds behind WarZone R
Prodos Games gives us another look at the upcoming WarZone with another 3D render preview. This one's the Mishima Meka.From the preview:Prodos Games gives us a look at the 3D render of the Mishima Mek
Prodos Games gives us a look at the 3D render for Captain Hiroko for Warzone Resurrection in this latest preview.From the preview:Prodos Games has released pictures of the render for Captain Hiroko.
Prodos Games has some more renders up for minis they're working on for Warzone.
Prodos Games posted up a preview of the 3D render for the Mishima Ronin Samurai for Warzone.
Prodos Games has announced new Bauhaus Juggernauts for Warzone.From the update:The Bauhaus Juggernauts have been announced by Prodos Games! They are available to pre-order now at our website.
Prodos Games is showing off some more artwork for upcoming Warzone minis.
Prodos Games is taking down names of those gamers that want their upcoming Mitch Hunter and Pride models as soon as they're available.From the announcement:The infamous hero of the Mutant Chronicles,