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Pro Gloria Miniatures

Warlord Games has purchased Pro Gloria Miniatures. This will bring PGM's Landsknechts miniatures into the Pike & Shotte world from WG, officially. Pro Gloria's (former) owner, Stephan Huber's reason f
Pro Gloria got a facelift with a new website homepage and online store.From the announcement:Pro Gloria Miniatures recently unveiled their new homepage and online store. They have also announced their
Pro Gloria Miniatures releases their second wave of miniatures. From their release: Hello all together,for all of you you have pre-ordered these sets - you should have received them in the last two we
Brueckenkopf gives us a review of Pro Gloria miniaturesA little blurb to tell you a little more:Brueckenkopf Online reviews Pro Gloria Miniatures, who offer historical miniatures for the 16th century.