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All the factions in Warmachine and Hordes are getting makeovers with the move to 4th edition, and many players are wondering just what's happening to some of their favorite characters and units. In th
Privateer Press just showed off a bunch of mercenary models that are coming later this year for Warmachine. But there's been some question about just how those models will fit with the new army-buildi
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And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope the start of your week was as smooth as possible. It was a busy one for me, but I got everything done on my list, so that's always good. Ready for Tuesday and the
The holiday season is almost upon us. And while seeing Christmas stuff out in the stores can be annoying for some, seeing what Privateer Press has in store for December isn't so bad. Get a look at the
We've heard bits and pieces about the various faction armies coming for Warmachine's new edition, but what about the Mercenaries? Well, we get a look at some of them in this preview.
The Winter Guard might just seem like regular grunt troopers in the Khador army. But there's specialist units of all kinds within their ranks. In this preview, we get a look at the Arkanists in the Wi
Khador's first army in the new edition of Warmachine is based around the Winterguard as part of the Winter Korps. In this preview, we get a look at the new standard bearer, mortar, and officer figures
Privateer Press has some new Monsterpocalypse releases coming up soon and they want you to see 'em before they hit shelves. Two new monsters and some new units are on deck for you to check out in this
Tuesday! We're into the work week proper now. I hope your Monday wasn't so bad and that you're making your way through today easily as well. Let's help things along some more and speed us towards the
Different armies are getting new box sets for Warmachine since the game's being taken back to the foundation and built back up again. In this article, we get a look inside the Winter Korps set. Appare
The new edition of Warmachine and Hordes brought a whole ton of changes to the game. That includes how armies are constructed. So, what about everyone that's been playing the game for nigh-on 20 years
Normally armed with just their simple blunderbus guns, the Winter Guard are branching out. Sure, you might know about the mortars they use, but there's more support weapons coming soon. We get a look
Hard to think that November's just a couple months away. We're getting close to the end of the year and Privateer Press is looking to make your Thanksgiving a good one with some new releases that mont
The new edition of Warmachine is ushering in more than just a change in rules. It's a fundamental change in how Privateer Press is making their figures, with resin minis and magnetized kits. In this a
Each faction is getting a certain focus in the upcoming releases for the new edition of Warmachine. For Khador, it's the Winterguard. Get a look at a new Winterguard warcaster and set of troops in thi
Gen Con starts literally tomorrow. And one of the big things at the show will be the new Battlegroups from Privateer Press for Warmachine. Get a look at these new Battlegroups and info about ordering
There's a new edition of Warmachine coming soon. It's taking the game back to the base and building back up again. And that begins with starter armies. In this preview, we get a look at an Orgoth and
The Tharn are in touch with the nature of Immoren due to their relationship with the Devourer Wurm. This gives them powerful, transformative powers.And if you're wanting to play one in the IKRPG, you
The big news from Privateer Press is that they're going to a new edition of Warmachine. Of course, edition changes are always a big thing and players old and new are going, "What's changing!" Well, we
Privateer Press has announced that they are going to be releasing a new edition of Warmachine. They've made a post that covers a lot of the questions you could possibly have about this update.
If you want to make sure your game is running correctly and that gamers are getting the best experience out of it, you sometimes need to make adjustments to it. And that's what Privateer Press has don
With the Kickstarter campaign for The Nightmare Empire book for the Iron Kingdoms RPG coming soon to an end, Privateer Press has gathered together all the various pages they've shown off so far, plus
It's more plants versus zombies (that sounds familiar...) over on the tabletops of Monsterpocalypse as the Vegetyrants and Necroscourges face off. We get a look at new figures for both factions in thi
Tuesday already? I'm down with that. Monday seems to have just flown by. Of course, that's not a complaint. I don't know too many people who wish Monday would just linger around. But, seeing as it's T
Wanted to title that, "Privateer Press Posts Pnew Pendrake Pencounters." But there we are. Anyway, there's a new one available that you can check out now, ready for players level 4 and 5. If they're n