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Precis Intermedia

Superheroes are a pretty big thing right now. Beings of power much greater than your average human are punching their way through all manner of villains on the big and little screens, having leapt off
Precis Intermeida has acquired the rights to Supergame, the super-powered RPG. Players are able to create their own superhero characters, statted out via a points system. The initial release will be a
And here we are again at Wednesday. I hope your week is treating you well. The hectic nature of the early week is making its way for a generally calm mid-week. With any luck, that will continue on.One
Precis Intermedia has some new Disposable Heroes sets available. This time it's the Romans.SourceFrom the release:Precis Intermedia's latest set of the ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes® paper m
Precis Intermedia knows sometimes it's hard to find a minis gaming opponent, so they've come up with their Solo Wargaming Guide.From the release:Have the urge to play a wargame, but can't find an oppo
Precis Intermeida has released their new fantasy miniatures microgame called Brute Magic.From the release:A magical peril awaits with Brute Magic!Precis Intermedia has released Brute Magic, an expansi
Precis Intermedia adds New World Disorder Expanded Edition to their lineup.From the announcement:Precis Intermedia has released an expanded edition of New World Disorder, the easy-to-learn, miniatures
Precis Intermedia have released a set of Historical Asian Soldier paper miniatures. From their announcement: Precis Intermedia's latest soldiers set in the ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes(R