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Precinct Omega Studios

Precinct Omega Studios is closing up their shop, but they're not entirely gone forever.From the announcement:Robey Jenkins, proprietor of Precinct Omega, announced today that Precinct Omega Studios, t
Precinct Omega is giving away a studio-painted 6mm army for BattleGroup. Plus, you can get in on the beta-test for the game.From the announcement:Precinct Omega, the owners of One Pound Wargames, are
Precinct Omega is giving away MiniCon tickets... pretty self-explanatory that one is. Precinct Omega giving away three tickets for MiniCon 2013!All you have to do is:1. Sign up for our newsletter, via
Precinct Omega is giving away a professionally-painted MechaWar army to one lucky gamer. Will it be you?Precinct Omega is offering a prize of a professionally-painted set of five EM4 plastic mech mini
Precinct Omega now has MechaWar, their mecha miniatures wargame rules, available over on their website.From the release:One Pound Wargames is a new series of games, intended to deliver the maximum amo
Precinct Omega Studios will soon be raising the prices on their painting services. From their announcement: With effect from 18 July 2011, Precinct Omega Studios will be raising their prices for comm