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Power Rangers

*shredding guitar plays while color-coded explosions go off in the background* Yes, it's more Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid for you. Renegade Game Studios has some new sets available to pre-order.
*shredding guitar plays while color-coded explosions go off in the background* Ah yes, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. Always a good way to get some energy into my day (but be careful, too much Pin
*shredding guitars and color-coded explosions go off in the background* The Power Rangers are regularly fighting all sorts of monsters, sent week after week by some big baddie. If you're looking to re
*shredding guitar starts playing as color-matching explosions go off* Must be another Power Rangers story. Renegade Game Studios has posted a new Heroes of the Grid scenario for you online. You can he
*shredding guitars play while color-coded explosions go off all around the place* Must be a Power Rangers story. And, indeed, it is. This time, it's for the Deck-building game as Renegade Game Studios
Without fail, every Power Rangers story gets shredding guitars in my head and color-matching explosions in my mind. Ah well, if you're looking for a new scenario for your Heroes of the Grid games, you
*shredding guitar starts up* *color-coordinated explosions get going* Yup, it's Power Rangers. Renegade Game Studios has a new batch of pre-orders available for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, incl
*looks around, wondering where that shredding guitar solo came from and why there's all these color-coded explosions going on* Oh... new Power Rangers news. That'd do it. Renegade Game Studios has sta
Without fail, when I see a Heroes of the Grid preview, my mind is filled with shredding guitar and colorful explosions. Every time. This time around, it's another look at the upcoming Time Force set a
As always with these previews, I instantly have a shredding guitar solo and colored explosions playing in my head. But waddyagonnado? It's the Power Rangers! The Time Force Ranger Pack is coming soon
Renegade Con was a huge event last weekend with tons of reveals. If you weren't able to make it, it's no worries as Renegade is giving us updates about what they showed off. That includes all the new
Renegade Con was over the weekend and it absolutely unloaded a torrent of information about what the company has been working on. They've been busy bees over there as there's a total of... *counts*...
I mean, "Power" is right in the title and Lightning Bot certainly has it in excess. This new monster is part of Renegade Game Studio's Power Rangers Month, where they release a new monster each week.
Power Rangers Month continues over at Renegade Game Studios. Along with the free monsters they're posting, they're also bringing more action to your tabletops. That includes the new expansion for the
Power Rangers Month is in full swing over at Renegade Game Studios. One of the things they're bringing you is a new monster each week for your games. This time around, it's the Octoplant.
Renegade Game Studios is celebrating Power Rangers Month this February. They're going to have lots of regular things coming out, including a new monster stat block for the Power Rangers RPG each Monda
Does anyone else hear that shredding guitar or is it just me? Either way, to me, that means there's some Power Rangers news. This time around, it's yet more expansions for Heroes of the Grid from Rene
Pre-orders are a great way to make sure you get the latest and greatest as soon as it's available. But Renegade Game Studios is taking that a step further with their Power Rangers RPG. Pre-orders will
It's time once again to get out the shredding guitar, suit up in brightly-colored, matching spandex, and take the fight to evil monsters. There's a bunch of new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expan
I know. Some of you will be saying, "it's too early for Christmas stuff!" But really, if you want to get pre-orders in and add in shipping times, now's just about the right time to get things going. A
Renegade already kinda spoiled this back when they were talking about their new Essence20 RPG, but now they've got the specific full release up. They're working on a Power Rangers RPG. You can even he
Renegade Game Studios is coming out with RPGs for some pretty important titles. Power Rangers, G.I. JOE, and Transformers are all coming soon to your tabletops. And they'll all use a similar system. I
*absolutely badass guitar playing* The Power Rangers are getting some new friends and some new foes in the latest wave of releases for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid from Renegade Game Studios. The
The Power Rangers Deck-Building Game is getting itself a new standalone set from Renegade Game Studios. It's the Zeo set and pre-orders are being taken now. Anyone else hear a really shredding guitar
Renegade Game Studios is looking to bring you the next wave of releases for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and they've taken to Kickstarter to get it done. The campaign brings you not just one, but