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Power Rangers

It's impossible to write these news stories for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and not have a shredding guitar just going nuts in my head while I type them up. I'm guessing the same happens when pl
While every Power Ranger is a legend in their own right, some have stood out from the rest. These Rangers are coming back to help take on whatever dangers might be out there. Soon, you'll be able to g
A new pair of nefarious fiends will soon be coming out for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. They're Squatt & Baboo and Renegade Game Studios is letting you know so you can start summoning your Z
There's two new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansions available to pre-order over on the Renegade Game Studios website. The first is the Rise of the Psycho Ranger and the other is the Villain P
The Power Rangers have a lot of awesome power (and giant robots). But they're not the only ones out to fight the powers of evil. Sometimes, they need a little help. And in the Power Rangers: Heroes of
Renegade Game Studios has a big batch of releases now available over in their webshop. There's the new Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game. Then you have the Wardlings RPG Campaign Guide for some fantasy
Renegade Game Studios is looking to bring you more Power Rangers action for your Heroes of the Grid game. They've taken to Kickstarter to get the next wave of releases funded. The name of the campaign
The Power Rangers kick a lot of ass. However, they can't always defeat whatever villain is threatening the universe themselves. They've got plenty of help in the form of their various allies. And if y
The Power Rangers are a pretty amazing fighting force, but they can't do it all on their own. They've teamed up with many allies along the way in their quest to defeat evil. Soon, you can bring some o
*rockin' guitar riff*
*rocking guitar riffs* Go! Go Power Rangers! *more rockin' guitar riffs*
Go! Go, Power Rangers! It's Christmastime in Hill Valley, but that doesn't mean everyone can just drop their guard. The Power Rangers are in need in this new scenario for Heroes of the Grid. Renegade
Go! Go! Power Rangers! *wicked guitar solo* If you're a fan of the Power Rangers (and if you're in an age group below mine, it's a pretty safe bet that you are), you've probably played the Power Ran