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Portal Publishing

Portal Publishing adds another hero to the lineup for Neuroshima Tactics. Meet the Treasure Hunter.From the release:When you see your goal, nothing else matters. You press forward like a tank, forgett
Portal Publishing has a pair of cyborgs coming soon for Neuroshima Tactics and wanted to show them off.From the preview:With their skeletons and muscles strengthened, cybernetic implants maximizing th
Portal Publishing posted up the Neuroshima Tactics rulebook online for your reading pleasure.From the update:Today the rules for Neuroshima Tactics (post-apocalyptic skirmish from Portal Publishing) w
GirlPainting has posted up a video unboxing of several blisters from Neuroshima Tactics.From Neuroshima Tactics:Two weeks left to Neuroshima Tactics' international premiere and we already have a first
Portal Publishing works more to extend their Neuroshima Tactics line with the new Scoper.From the release:Scoper specializes in machines and pre-war equipment. I’ts hard to find someone who knows as m
Portal Publishing released their first expansion pack for Neuroshima Tactics: The Steel Police.From the release:Elite troops, heirs to the most advanced military units of the pre-war world, a heavy as
Neuroshima Tactics from Portal Publishing has themselves a new Facebook page. Go have yourself a look-see.
Portal Publishing has a new post-apocalyptic minis game out there for you to try: Neuroshima Tactics.From the announcement:Some of you may already know Neuroshima Hex or Convoy - board games set in a