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Portal Publishing

Portal Publishing adds another hero to the lineup for Neuroshima Tactics. Meet the Treasure Hunter.

From the release:

When you see your goal, nothing else matters. You press forward like a tank, forgetting about wounds, weariness and fear. You're a treasure hunter – a broken collarbone, a pack of mutants or the fact that you haven't had any sleep in three days won't stop you from getting what you were send after. In your profession, you have to be ready for everything.

Treasure Hunter – new Hero miniature for Neuroshima Tactics – will appear on the wastelands of Irradiated States in December!

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Portal Publishing has a pair of cyborgs coming soon for Neuroshima Tactics and wanted to show them off.

From the preview:

With their skeletons and muscles strengthened, cybernetic implants maximizing the efficiency of the body, those are the toughest Borgo units. They are supernaturally strong and have an exceptional ability of enduring damage, and believe me when I say it’s really hard to take them out. In this aspect, they’re worth more than even the toughest of the Moloch’s machines.

New models of Cyborgs will join the mutants’ ranks very soon!

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Portal Publishing posted up the Neuroshima Tactics rulebook online for your reading pleasure.

From the update:

Today the rules for Neuroshima Tactics (post-apocalyptic skirmish from Portal Publishing) were added to the download section of the NST website

Both Rulebook and Armybook are available for free download in the PDF format. International premiere of Neuroshima Tactics will take place this week at the Essen Trade Fairs.

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GirlPainting has posted up a video unboxing of several blisters from Neuroshima Tactics.

From Neuroshima Tactics:

Two weeks left to Neuroshima Tactics' international premiere and we already have a first unboxing video.
If you’re a wargames fan, you must’ve heard about GirlPainting YouTube channel. Lots of painting tutorials, reviews and other interesting videos. In her newest video Alexandra unboxes some of Neuroshima Tactics models – Hybrides, Assault Troopers and The Nuclear. More minis soon to come.

Portal Publishing works more to extend their Neuroshima Tactics line with the new Scoper.

From the release:

Scoper specializes in machines and pre-war equipment. I’ts hard to find someone who knows as much about Moloch as he does. He makes a living by tracking and hunting Moloch scouts and he’s so good ad it, that people are willing to pay quite a lot for his services. As a result, Scoper can afford even the most expensive, pre-war, high-tech toys. Like a hologram projector. You never know if the guy you are shooting at is the real Scoper or just his holo projection.

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Portal Publishing released their first expansion pack for Neuroshima Tactics: The Steel Police.

From the release:

Elite troops, heirs to the most advanced military units of the pre-war world, a heavy assault force Navy SEALS, exquisitely armed and protected by the aided armors, the Steel Police are dead set to mercillesly exterminate all who breach the law. Their law. When they challenge the local gangs, the oppressed people of the Wastes take a deep breath only to realize that their lives, traditions and order just ceased to exist. Neuronic links plugged directly into their brains make the Steel Officers the perfect soldiers – fast, strong, fearless, indestructable…inhuman. They are always tense, always buzzing with adrenaline, ready to attack at all times – and the initial relief they brought to the villagers changes rapidly into horror.

Steel Police is the first add-on set to Neuroshima Tactics - postapocalyptic skirmish wargame designed by Portal Publishing. It contains 3 Steel Policemen, Colonel Callahan and the team mascot - fierce girl nicknamed Wardog.

Neuroshima Tactics from Portal Publishing has themselves a new Facebook page. Go have yourself a look-see.

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Portal Publishing has a new post-apocalyptic minis game out there for you to try: Neuroshima Tactics.

From the announcement:

Some of you may already know Neuroshima Hex or Convoy - board games set in a post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima. This year Portal Publishing is preparing an international premiere of a skirmish wargame in the Neuroshima universe – Neuroshima Tactics. NST is a dynamic, tactical game, in which players build armies and fight for dominance in post-apocalyptic ruins of Radiated States. The premiere will take place at the Essen Trade Fairs in October, but collectors and post-apo fans can already order the miniatures from the game distributor - the Rebel company