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My Monday was spent going back and forth between unconsciousness and Forged in Fire. Thankfully, I'm feeling much more awake today... kinda... Oh well, I'll make it through, and some gaming podcasts w
Tuesday. I didn't actually go to Build & Paint night yesterday. It was an "off week" for it, anyway, since most people only go ever-other week. And I just was kinda happy being home. But I'm sure
Haxtec Dragon Dice Tray
And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope the start of your week was as smooth as possible. It was a busy one for me, but I got everything done on my list, so that's always good. Ready for Tuesday and the
Having Monday off and going to the LGS for Build & Paint night really has launched me into the work week. I hope you had a good Monday, whether you were off or not. But seeing as it's Tuesday, let
And here we are into Tuesday. Woo! Build and Paint night at the LGS does speed up the start of the week. In a couple months, they were thinking about moving it to Wednesday. That's definitely going to
Tuesday! We're into the work week proper now. I hope your Monday wasn't so bad and that you're making your way through today easily as well. Let's help things along some more and speed us towards the
Hello again, Tuesday. Glad you're here, because it means that Monday's over with. I certainly was busy enough. I made a batch of brownies in the morning and chicken tikka masala (for the first time ev
Tuesday? Already? I've mentioned it before, but going to Build & Paint night at the LGS really does make my weeks feel that much faster. And as always, that's not a complaint. To help continue the
You know, heading to my LGS on Monday nights for Build & Paint really does make Mondays a lot better and they go by a lot quicker. It's like, "Oh, hey, it's already Tuesday" when I go. It's rather
"Oh... right... it's Tuesday." Me when getting to the 2pm post and remembering that it's Podcast Radio day. I don't know why I find the concept of today being Tuesday so surprising. And yet, here I am
Tuesday... ... ... ... I would've thought we'd be a lot further into the week at this point. Apparently, though, that's not the case. So, we're going to make do as best we can by trying to speed thing
Tuesday already? I'm down with that. Monday seems to have just flown by. Of course, that's not a complaint. I don't know too many people who wish Monday would just linger around. But, seeing as it's T
With Monday off, the work week already gets going on Tuesday. Though, with fireworks going off until about midnight and my upstairs neighbors apparently moving out at 2am, I got pretty much zero sleep
Did anyone else's Monday just rocket by? Mine did. And, last night, I actually went out to a build/paint gathering that a group of friends has every couple weeks at the LGS near me. Definitely need to
And we're back. I hope everyone that had yesterday off had a great Juneteenth. For those that didn't, well, it's still Tuesday, so that's gotta be good for something, right? Well, I think it is. It me
Welcome to Tuesday. Well, ok, we're already halfway through it, but still. We made it this far, we might as well keep going. Same with the work week in total. Made it this far, might as well keep goin
Already Tuesday? I guess that'll happen when you clock out and basically nap until bedtime and then go straight to bed and sleep all through the night. But considering how much sleep I got over the we
Man, all day, I've felt like it's Monday. From the moment I woke up, it was, "Well... Monday." Even to the point that I was confused why there was already a towel in the bathroom (I do laundry on Sund
I mentioned that last week felt like it went by fast. This week... Well, let's just say that earlier today, I was like, "do we have our Wednesday meeting this week or is it next week?" When I went to
And we're into Tuesday. I hope your work week is treating you well. We're into the thick of it now. Gotta push on through and make it to the weekend. And some gaming podcasts will definitely help. Thi
Well, I didn't get picked to be on the Jury. But yesterday was extremely intense and I need something relaxing. Some gaming podcasts sound pretty good. Let's check out what's on the dial this week:
Tuesday. ... ... ... Don't know if I have much to say about it except that it's Tuesday. So, let's get to it and get some gaming podcasts for you. Quicker one today, but still, today on the dial we ha
Tuesday already? I guess that'll happen when, after clocking out from work, you go instantly to bed. I don't know what it was yesterday. I think it was the weather that moved through, but I got knocke
Tuesday? Tuesday? It's Tuesday, right? Doesn't feel like a Tuesday to me. And yet, that's what the calendar's telling me. So, as it is the second day of the week, that means it's time to get some podc
Tuesday? Apparently, it's Tuesday. Who knew? Well, I'm sure a lot of people did. And yet, here I am. But seeing as it is Tuesday, let's get some gaming podcasts going. This week on the dial we have: