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And we're into the work week proper, even if it's the first day in the office for me (metaphorical office, anyway). But while we've catapulted to Tuesday, that doesn't mean that I don't want the week
Last week flew by for me. It was actually quite nice, since it was the first week back after vacation and I was worried that it would take forever. This week is already, like, "Oh, hey... Tuesday alre
Happy New Year, everyone! I know, we're several days in, but still. I hope your holiday season was good and you got all the gaming stuff you wanted. But now... *sigh*... it's back to work. And yeah, I
Welcome to a new season! If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, welcome to Winter! If you're down South, welcome to Summer! Either way, we're into Tuesday. And that means the work-week proper, for thos
Before I get into making this week go by quicker (though, considering I start vacation this week, it's already a pretty short one for me), I wanted to say that today is my 10th anniversary on TGN. My
This week, I know that it's actually Tuesday right now. Good for me. Seeing as it's Tuesday (I even double-checked!), it means it's time to listen in on some podcasts to make the week go by quicker. T
Whoops. Did you know that today is not, in fact, Tuesday? It is Wednesday? And yesterday was Tuesday? That's apparently news to me, since that's what I'd been operating under so far. Just one of those
Tuesday! But it's a really short week (at least for us here in the US). So... hooray! But, man, I have a toooon to do before Thursday and Friday. So, while I don't really want the week to go by too fa
Tuesday. It's Tuesday. When I woke up this morning, I went, "Oh, Thursday. Nice!" And then I was like, "Oh, wait... no... wrong T-day of the week..." Ah well. So, the week's not exactly zipping along
Tuesday and we're into the work week proper. It's that middle meat that either makes or breaks the week. If it goes by quickly, then we can get back to the weekend. If it lags, the weekend feels like
It's already Tuesday. You know that's not a complaint from me. Get me through the week as fast as possible so I can get back to the weekend. And I've got D&D on Saturday, too. So, I'm rip-rearin'
So, we're done with Monday. That's fine. We've made it this far, we can make it through the rest of the week. And something that'll help is a set of gaming podcasts to get the week done quicker. And,
Tuesday. We're into the work week properly now. I hope your Monday went well and your Tuesday has been treating you alright. But even as I hope the work week's nice to you, I also hope it's fast. I've
Tuesday. We're into the meat of the work week proper. ... ... I'm ready for the weekend. But then, I'm always ready for the weekend. In order to get it here a little faster, let's listen to some gamin
Monday was weird for me. I woke up (at about my usual 4am), blinked, and then it was already 10:30am. But then, from 10:30am to 8pm took what felt like roughly 6 months. Whoof. I don't need that again
Tuesday. The work week is well underway. Let's hope it goes by quick and we can get back to the weekend ASAP. To help along with that, as usual, we've got some gaming podcasts to help fill up the time
And we're into the work week proper by having come all the way to Tuesday. I hope your Monday started off alright. It's looking like it might actually start significantly cooling off here in Atlanta.
It is Tuesday, isn't it? I don't know why that concept is sticking in my brain like it is. Maybe the caffeine from the Flamin' Hot Dew I had this morning is wearing off. Whatever it might be, it's tim
Tuesday already. Long weekends where you get Monday off are nice because you get back to work and it's already Tuesday. Never a complaint from me for that. I'm ready to get the week done and back to t
Tuesday. We're getting into the real thick of the work week. I'm going to be extremely busy, as a bunch of projects that I've been waiting on have apparently all become ready at the same time. So, tha
Tuesday already? Nice. I'm ready for a quick week. Not that anything bad is happening, I just like weekends. And so, let's keep it rocketing along with some podcasts to listen to while we work. This w
Last week, for me, the days just flew right on by. As always, I'm hoping for that again. Bonus: it's only supposed to be 72 today with rain. I've got the windows open for the first time in months. Tim
And we've made it to Tuesday. I hope your Monday was all good. Mine was alright. Though the leftovers I had for lunch were apparently slightly too leftover. Oh well. I have frozen chicken. Gotta get b
Geeze. Tuesday already? Wow. Ok. I wasn't quite ready for that, apparently. Yesterday didn't seem to fly by at the time, but sitting here typing out these posts, it sure seems like it did now. Oh well
Tuesday. I guess, anyway. It doesn't really feel like Tuesday. I'm not sure what day it does feel like, though. Just... day... Ah well, maybe listening to some gaming podcasts will help. It can't hurt