PMC 2670

PMC 2670 Crowdfunding Campaign Going On Now

The folks at Assault Publishing are headed to Crowdfunding to get themselves set up for PMC 2670. Though, they're doing it a little different than heading to Kickstarter. They're simply taking donations on their website. You can head over to their site and donate as much as you want. And they emphasize that this is a donation, not a purchase. You won't get anything special in return. However, your donation will make the PMC 2670 book better for when it's released, for free, to the public.

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Assault Publishing Previews PMC 2670

Assault Publishing is pushing ahead their PMC 2640 game world with a new game. It's PMC 2670, and as one can assume from the title, it's moving the storyline of everything ahead 30 years. There's new units, new mechanics, new bits of everything. Even the starts of tie-ins with Shadows in the Void. Assault Publishing has posted up a rundown of what you can expect.

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